Hey everybody! I made it to Las Vegas in one piece. Someone should’ve told me about the turbulence when landing at McCarren Airport! I think I left my complimentary bran muffin on the tarmac.

I can’t tell you where I’m staying, but I’d like to thank the “powers that be” for the lovely upgrade to a corner suite with awesome views of The Strip. I don’t know if I need two bathrooms and a hot tub overlooking “Sin City” but I’ll take it. Thank you! Also, thanks to “Dennis” and his wife for all their gracious hospitality.

Of course the worst thing happened to me the moment I walked into a casino. I won $300 in slots Why is that bad? Because I proceeded to lose $400 in blackjack. That’s why they call it gambling folks!

I’ve got a bunch of great interviews lined up – but I’m still hoping for a few more! I’m looking for the following people working right now Vegas to talk to…

Casino Cocktail Waitresses


Car Valets

Cigarette girls (they still have them here!)

If you can talk to me while I’m in town, please email me and we’ll set up an interview. Now I’m off to get some coffee, play the slots, and run off to my next interview! I’ll try sending some dispatches from the road. Wish me luck everyone!

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