Fucking Cell Phones

Last Saturday afternoon I’m walking from my car to the bistro. In one hand I’m carrying my work shirt, cleaned and pressed. In the other a steaming hot delicious Starbucks latte. I reach the crosswalk across from my job stopping to wait for the “WALK” sign to turn...

Tsunami Relief

Click on these URLs to contribute to tsunami relief efforts in Asia. Action Against Hunger   American Jewish World Service American Friends Service Committee American Red Cross Catholic Relief Services   Direct Relief International Doctors Without Borders...

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! To my non Christian readers – enjoy the Chinese food and the movies! Will be back with more stories soon. Ho Ho Ho and all that stuff.  

Thanks Blogwise!

Many thanks to Blogwise for making Waiter Rant their “Blogwise Pick of the Week.” Little ol’ me? Thanks guys/gals! Happy Holidays!

Innkeeper’s Epiphany

The day starts off badly. Just as I am about to pull onto the highway to drive to work I hear the “thunk thunk” of a flat tire. Damn. I still have enough tire pressure to drive the five blocks back to my house. I get out the jack, slap on the donut spare, and creep...