I’m going to be in Las Vegas from March 10-15th to research my new book on tipping! While I have interviews lined up, I’m still looking for people in the following occupations to talk to!

Casino Dealers

Cocktail Waitresses

Limo Drivers

Cab Drivers

Sex workers (male and female) 

Strippers (male and female) 

Hotel Maids

Car Valets


If you’re willing to talk to me while I’m in “Sin City” drop me a line at [email protected]. You can be as anonymous as you want. And, if anyone can think of tipped professions in Vegas I’m not considering, let me know! 

Thanks for all the responses to my last “casting call!” I’m still sorting through them all. I’ll try and be back with a story in the next couple of days! Right now my life is all about research and travel planning. I’m sure I’ll have some fun blog posts from the road! 

Thanks again for all your help!

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