I am looking to interview individuals working in the professions listed below. Even if you are not in the geographic area I’ve specified, I’d still love to talk to you. The people I interview can remain as anonymous as they wish!  If you or someone you know works in the occupations I’ve listed, please contact me at [email protected]. Readers! If they’re are any “tipped” professions you’d like me to cover in my new book, please leave a suggestion in the comments section.

If you or someone you know owns or operates a hotel anywhere on the West Coast, Boston, or Chicago that employs maids, doormen, and bellhops, Please email me!

Bellhops (anywhere)

Hotel and Motel Maids (anywhere)

Hair Salon Owners! – Memphis, Tennessee! (Very specific here!)

Sex Workers – Las Vegas, NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami.

Taxi Drivers – Los Angeles, Detroit, Dallas, or Chicago.

Limo Drivers – Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York City area.

Diner Waitress – Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas, Colorado, or Wyoming

Sky Caps – All major NYC or LA airports

Furniture Deliverymen – Portland, Oregon. NYC, Chicago

Professional Movers – New York Area, Chicago, Dallas, Houston.

Coat Check Attendants – NYC, Los Angeles, Portland, Miami

Bathroom Attendants (restaurant or nightclubs) – NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia

Car Wash Attendants (if you work or own a car wash, please contact me!) New York Area, Los Angeles, Miami.

Golf Caddies – Florida, Georgia, or the Carolinas (Hilton Head?)

Charter Boat Fishermen – Florida, San Diego or anywhere, actually!

Cruise Line employees!

Employees at “all inclusive resorts.” (Please call Club Hedonism!)

French Waiters – that’s right, from France!

Car Valets – Los Vegas and Los Angeles

Cigar Waiters (NYC or anywhere!)

Cocktail Waitresses – Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Chicago. (Will that young woman I met from the Pink Elephant in NYC drop me a line?)

Starbucks Baristas – Anywhere in the US!

Water Taxi Driver– Miami

UPS Drivers – NYC area.

Take Out Deliverymen (Pizza Delivery, Chinese, Sushi, whatever) – New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland.

Thanks for your help everybody! 

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