After four and a half years the mask is finally off. What a relief!

My thanks to Carla at the Post for a fun interview and Zandy for taking the great pictures. The Metamucil was inspired, man!

My book goes on sale today at fine bookstores everywhere! Go buy! We’re gunning for the NY Times Bestseller List!

Remember I’ll be at the Borders Books at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan at 7PM tonight. Also, please don’t forget to check out my guest blog over at Powell’s Books.

Among other things, I’ll be on Bloomberg Radio today at 10:30 AM!

I’ll also be on the Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC RADIO at 1:25 PM. Listen in!

Thanks to everyone who made this day possible – family, friends, loved ones near and dear, restaurant industry veterans, agents, publishers, proofreaders. publicists,  and of course, the faithful readers of Waiter Rant! Thank you!

And no, I won’t put the mask back on!

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