As some of you may have noticed, Waiter Rant was out of commission for the past several days. Somebody hacked into my site and inflicted enough damage to necessitate a total shutdown. The rational part of me knows that some 14 year old kid probably did this to get mad props from his geek homies, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone I insulted over the years contracted to have it done. Call me paranoid? Hmmmmm.

As you can tell, the website isn’t exactly back to its “pre crash” condition. There are still some formatting issues, most notably concerning punctuation, that need to be ironed out over the nest few weeks. The web team over at SoundQue is diligently working to resolve these problems. This had been a stressful time and I would like to thank SoundQue for all their hard work and professionalism helping to restore Waiter Rant to functionality. Lord knows I can’t do it! Thanks guys!

I also want to thank my computer savvy readers, including one in particular, who alerted us to the problems the website was experiencing a few weeks ago. Your feedback helped us identify the problem quicker than we would have otherwise! In the future, if you see a problem with the website, (broken links, RSS feed problems, possible hacker activity, porn ads) please address all comments, warnings, concerns, gripes, and praise to the Web Team at [email protected]. Please C.C. me as well.

Don’t forget to update your RSS feeds! I’ll post a new story soon. Thanks for all the “I Miss You” emails! Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend and don’t forget to tip your server!

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