Seventy-three years ago today the 21st amendment to the US Constitution was fully ratified. If you forgot your history the 21st Amendment repealed the 18th Amendment.

I know, don’t all jump up and down at once. But a quick Wikipedia check would tell you that’s when Prohibition ended in the United States. We all remember that lovely time in American History don’t we? Illegal booze, bathtub gin, rumrunners, speakeasies and people drinking like fish anyway. Without Prohibition, Organized Crime and the Kennedy family would never have gotten off the ground.

Well Franklin Roosevelt, the martini swilling president at the time, thought Prohibition was complete bullshit. I know everyone remembers FDR for winning World War II, pulling America out of the Great Depression, blah, blah, blah – but helping end Prohibition should be at the top of his accomplishments list. His valiant efforts certainly hastened Prohibition’s demise and made drinking, a cornerstone of American civilization, legal again.�

Some enterprising people want to create a new “drinking holiday and commemorate December 5th as “Repeal Day. Why not?

I know some of you think St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco De Mayo’s got it covered – but give it some thought. How many forms of pleasure are guaranteed by the Constitution?

After work, stop by your local drinking establishment and celebrate by having a drink or two. I know most of you don’t need an excuse, but try and get into the spirit of the holiday. If for some reason you can’t drink, pretend like you’re Jewish on Christmas – eat Chinese and go to the movies. Or have a root beer.

Hoist� a glass� to toast FDR, tip the cute bartender, and celebrate your freedom!

Of course, don’t impinge on the freedom of others by turning into a drunken asshole, drinking underage, throwing up in the streets, or driving while intoxicated. The police still stake a dim view of these activities no matter what day it is!

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