In my post “Gristle” I alluded to the fact I was working on a book. That’s true. However, it is still in the embryonic stage and I have not committed to anyone or anything. Judging from the comments and emails I’ve received I think some people are under the impression that the book will be hitting the shelves tomorrow. That is not the case.

I am talking informally to some very nice people who have taken a kind interest in my writing. Many thanks to them! I am currently trying to figure out how to write a book and cobble together a winning proposal. So you see folks – a book is still a long way off. I apologize if I didn’t explain myself clearly. A book will happen eventually!

Thanks to all the readers for their words of encouragement and criticisms. It is appreciated!

Any ideas? Throw ’em my way! Got a cousin in the publishing biz? Let me know!

Oh, in response to a question – yes the comments section is priceless. I’m gonna have to figure a way to include some of the quips my readers have written!

Hope that clears things up! Have a nice weekend everybody.

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