Larry Mullen, the drummer from the band U2, is a regular at my bistro.

Unassuming, polite, and a good tipper, he comes in with his family whenever he’s in the States. They’re completely normal nice people.

We have a good policy regarding celebrities at the Bistro. We treat ‘em like everyone else. Larry knows we know who he is. I think he likes the fact we don’t make a fuss. The policy is a pain in the ass sometimes. Arlene, another waiter, and I are HUGE U2 fans. We’d love to score tickets to their next area concert. They’re hard to come by. He’d never have to leave a tip again, but we won’t ask him. That’s the deal.

Still, I’m tempted to play a U2 album over the stereo system the next time he comes in.

I read yesterday that Bono, U2’s lead singer, is being considered for the presidency of the World Bank. So that was the coffee station topic of the day.

“The World Bank. Can you believe it?” I remark.

“Do you think a rock star could do the job?” Arlene wonders.

“Well, Vaclav Havel was a playwright and he became the Czech President.” I reply

“But still……”

“He knows a lot about debt relief in Africa. Besides, look at the other guys who had that job. He couldn’t do any worse. Maybe someone totally outside of the banking system could do a better job.” I say.

“So the next time Larry comes in can we ask him to get Bono to front us a loan?” Arlene asks mischievously.

“Be nice.” I agree


“If we were a Third World country.”.

“I’ll settle for tickets.” Arlene says.

“Me too.”

We go back to work. The place fills up. It’s crazy. During times like these I play a tune on my mental Ipod to help me focus.

Tonight’s selection is Vertigo.

What else?

The night is full of holes
Those bullets rip the sky Of ink with gold
They twinkle as the boys play rock and roll
They know that they can’t dance – At least they know

Rock on boys…………..

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