A reader wrote telling me Waiter Rant was mentioned on CNN. It turns out that Jeanne Moos did a story entitled “Wrath of the Waiters” for her program “Making the Moost of It.” She mentioned my website by name and showed a screen shot of the title banner.

The funniest part of the story, for me, was when she asked a waiter, “What things that people ask for really get on your nerves?” The waiter replied, “I think every waiter in the world hates people who order tea.” Moos then goes on to describe all the work involved in preparing this “cheapo beverage” complete with video of saucers slamming, sugar packets crinkling, and scalding water hissing.

She ends the segment by saying, “Got tea? Get your waitress teed off,” while showing a screen shot from my post “Tea Nazi.” Priceless.

I’m sure the tea drinkers will be up in arms over that one.

Sadly the video can only be viewed if you subscribe to Real Player SuperPass. If you have that service goto http://www.cnn.com/video/ and look for Ms. Moos program. If the segment’s not there it might be in her program’s archives.

I want to thank Ms. Moos for including me in her story. If she reads this post I hope she emails me so I can thank her personally.

CNN. How about that?

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