Here is the link to the NY Times article where I’m mentioned. You may have to log in to read the article. Don’t sweat it – registration is free.

Does any one know how to convert the Times feed for this story into a permanent URL? In a few weeks the article will go into the archives and be unavailable.

Many thanks to Julia Moskin for writing a fantastic article. I was honored that my voice was included.

A note to readers using Macintosh – many of you have written to tell me that my blog is filled with weird &*%$ symbols that interfere with your reading pleasure. I apologize. I do write my stuff in Word and cut and paste it into Blogger. I am open to any suggestions on using a different program to edit my stuff where this doesn’t happen.

In the meantime you can read Waiter Rant at Bloglines – there are no formatting issues there!

Many thanks to all the people who emailed me. I reply to every missive. Just give me some time!

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