Sorry I haven’t posted in a while everybody but I’ve been busy

When I got home from work Monday night I found my dog acting strangely He was shaking uncontrollably, didn’t want to be touched, and whimpering. When I picked him up he howled in pain. He never acted that way before. It frightened me.

Luckily my parents were visiting. At one in the morning we bundled up my precious cargo and ventured into the frigid night, driving to the 24 hour Emergency Veterinary Clinic.

To make a long story short there was nothing seriously wrong with the dog. The vet said he probably sprained his hind leg. He gave him a shot and I took my stoned little pooch home. The next day I followed up with my regular vet and she prescribed him some canine Advil and cage rest.

The grand total for all this medical care? $200.00! Pets are expensive!

Many thanks to my parents for driving me to the vet! I could have done it myself but it was nice to have the help.

I also found a roommate! Thank you Craigslist! After sorting through the nuttier housing proposals (One girl offered sex in lieu of rent, hmmmmm) I settled on a nice fellow who’s a computer engineer. He’s moving in next month. Now I don’t have to move. I’m sure this situation is familiar to a lot of my readers. Finding a nice affordable apartment that’s not a crackhouse in this area is well nigh impossible.

So the dog and my need for shelter have been consuming my time and energy. I have more stories bouncing around in my head – don’t worry.

See ya all soon.


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