You know I’m only human. I’ve got my ex-girlfriend packing up her stuff around me. It’s a tense and very sad time in my life. What I perceived as a nasty and gratuitous comment comes in from out of the blue and I lashed back. Sue me.

I wasn’t upset because the writer of the email didn’t like my site. So what. It’s only a weblog. She could have just said no thanks or not replied at all. I don’t have a problem with her views on pornography. Instead she prejudged me as a person and made a remark that was way out of line. I just wish she had read my post “Leftovers” in which I discuss how women are perceived in society.

I learned a good lesson today. Next time I encounter a situation like this I handle it though email or ignore it completely. Not air it on this blog. We live and learn. Thanks to the readers for their feedback even though it stings.

I am going to leave the post up because it’s now part of this site. You get to see all of me. The good, the bad, and the ugly. To remove it would be hypocritical.

I am in a real bad place right now. I am going to leave this blog alone for a few days. I need to get my feelings about the breakup into some sort of perspective and regroup.

Don’t worry. I’ll be back.

I have plenty of stories.

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