Monthly Archives: December 2013

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Copyright of the Soul

In addition to buying car seats, bassinets, clothes, carriages, thermometers, infant tubs, diapers, mobiles, blankets, toys; thinking of names, going to birthing classes, finding pediatricians and gaming daycare scenarios, another issue is pressing on my harried consciousness – will I take pictures in the delivery

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This Is News?

These texts greeted me when I checked my cell-phone this morning. “You’re all on the internet!! For your Biden’s blunder about the Superbowl! Caught it on Fox News last night!”  “Way to make the VP look stupid, bro. LOL!!!” Groaning I go to Google News,

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Waiter and the Veep!

I’ll be participating in an online Q&A with Vice-President Biden on December 11th at It should be around 1PM. If you have questions of your own, send them on in via Skype!