Walking Dogs and Washing Cars

Hi everybody. I need to interview professional dog walkers and car wash attendants about tipping for my new book. If you’re a dog walker or work or own a car wash in the NYC area, please drop me a line at waiterrant@yahoo.com! Thank!

45 thoughts on “Walking Dogs and Washing Cars”

  1. dane says:

    first? that’s all i really wanted to say

  2. Doofus says:

    I always let the walkers keep the dog poop as a tip. That seems to work very well.

  3. Lisa S says:

    I can see why you call yourself Doofus.

  4. John says:

    lmao Lisa S

  5. Brett says:

    Can you please find out from the car wash attendants if the front end and back end crews share there tips?

  6. marco says:

    You don’t want the back end of a dog wash 🙂

  7. Heidi Zengel says:

    I used to write/edit the magazine for the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters so they might be a great resource for tipping in that area of business. They have a zip code finder on their website and you could find a pet sitter in your area.

  8. gdj says:

    Dog washing could be your future career.

  9. Bob Dobbs says:

    There’s a local dogwalker I always see in the early morning hours with four or five pooches on the leash at one time. His name is Chip, and he has the best poster; a shot of three or four mutts under the word balloon, “We like Chip more than bacon!”

  10. Dante says:

    Steve, please update your blogroll.

  11. TexasMomma says:

    Steve! We miss you!!!!

  12. Rita says:

    Hi Steve,

    I read your book this weekend and it was awesome!

    Someone has probably already mentioned this, but I found a typo on page 111 – first paragraph:

    “…I never directly criticized customers over their cheapness again, expect when they ask me to.”

    I think expect should read except.

    Just thought you might like to let the publisher know for the next reprint 🙂

  13. Emery from Washington but on Maui says:

    Ahem. It’s been eleven days since you wrote this. We’re waiting……..

  14. slag says:

    emery, i stopped waiting with baited breath for steve’s posts long ago. i check this site about three times a year, and that’s about how often new posts are up. i’ve noticed the subject matter and writing quality sliding downhill as well. if you’re looking for satisfaction, i recommend finding something else to read.

  15. Suzanne says:

    How ironic to hear critisism about quality of writing from someone who can’t be bothered to capitalize his “I”s.

  16. Jenna says:

    I think must be busy with his lady friend, check the last two posts!

  17. spud says:

    “bated breath”

  18. TexasMomma says:

    Jenna I was thinking the same thing! LOL! I said to myself “now we know where Steve’s been in his spare time!” Is it right for us to be jealous now that we don’t get post’s as often?

  19. weemikey says:

    wtf! give me a break. not another wacky zany useless fuckin’ book? do you not perhaps think the world has had enough of man’s inane musings? as for dog-walkers, they are a pathetic species of human who seek to exert their mastery over some dumb, fucked up animal that has been selectively bred over the course of aeons to suit their puerile wacky ways. why don’t you go round people’s homes, stick your head down their toilet bowls, examine their u-bends, and write of them instead? a much more worthwhile pursuit i would say.

  20. kum Hurray says:

    Hi my name is Kum Hurray, I do everthing fast that why they call me Kum Hurray. Waiter not waiter anymore but he still waiting for new waiter. That all, bye!

  21. Snoopy says:

    I wonder if he’s going to get any information about those celebrity dogs that get carried around in purses. I worry about them.

  22. Jenypher says:

    Some people are assholes, he’s writing what he wants, let him. Help him or get lost.

  23. kcbelles says:

    Wow, weemikey, angry much? What do you care what Steve chooses to write about? Obviously he has an audience. He’s moving on to the next chapter in his life so he doesn’t post as often as he used to, and that’s his perogative. You don’t like his subject matter, don’t read it, but you don’t have to be so nasty about it, either. That serves no purpose other than to show what a jerk you are.

  24. Marta says:

    As a server who makes $2.65/hr, I personally have a problem with the fact that most people tip the pizza delivery guy more than they tip servers, and servers deal with a lot more crap and pizza delivery guys make at least minimum wage and a lot of them get compensated for mileage! You should interview delivery guys and discover what their secret is! Lol. Great site, keep up the good work! God bless.

  25. na says:

    the people tat we;re with are supposed to make us better people…we haven t heard from you in weeks – maybe the new girl int all shes cracked up to be

  26. Bill says:

    I think the waiter needs to post more if he wants support for the next book!

  27. DaveM says:

    I broke my leg waiting for his next post! cant wait!

  28. Nyteflame says:

    *pulls out binoculars* Oh look, it’s a great day for Troll watching!

    I’m curious how much dog walkers make too! I’m thinking of starting a business.

  29. aliza says:

    aHEM, it’s June 20th already – no new post???

  30. Kathryn P says:

    It’s June 21, almost the 22nd. The last post was a request for people to contact him so their stories can be used to write a book. But there’s never much any more for the ordinary reader.

    I used to come to this site on a regular basis, to really enjoy the stylist writing and the storytelling of a world I knew well: restaurant life in Park Slope.

    Now what I’m seeing is someone who just can’t be bothered by mere rabble who aren’t either writing his new book for him, or purchasing his existing book, to care to write a simple blog entry.

    Wasn’t it this blog that essentially provided the forum for Steve to polish his writing skills, gain a ready-made audience, and advance himself? Were we all really just his practice people, his test audience?

    If yes, then I wish him well – as I’m sure we all do – but he might consider just shutting this blog down and moving on up with his shiny and much better people.

    If not, then maybe he might consider acting as though this blog meant something to him, and that his fandom here had some significance to him beyond just launching him to Much Better Than We.

  31. Kathryn P says:

    Pardon my spelling above; I meant to write “stylish,” not “stylist.”

  32. BeenreadingURblog4ever says:

    Keep on living your life, Steve. There’s a lot
    more to it that writing a blog! Let some other
    bitter, hard-on-his/her -luck person do that in your stead – for all the world to feel sorry for. I am so happy how your life improved through the years!


  33. mirela says:

    It’s June 22nd and no new post…what’s happening?

  34. spud says:

    It’s been a very long time since there was a post on par with what “the Waiter” used to provide. Sadly, even the short June 6 quasi-post ends with the word “Thank.” Looks like the Waiter is gone for good. Time for me to go too. Thanks, Waiter.

  35. Alex says:

    The stuck-up, self-righteous attitude of many commenters is one of the main reasons I don’t have a blog of my own. (That and the fact I have nothing interesting to say…)

    Nobody has any right to EXPECT posts, or to attack the author for not providing them. Express disappointment by all means but it is so completely unnecessary and arrogant to insult the waiter just because he hasn’t posted.

    Trouble is, there’s no pleasing you – when he has posted something of substance lately, you complain because it’s not about a waiter – it’s a bit difficult to have new stories when he’s not a waiter any more!

    I don’t usually have a go like this, especially as I too think it’s a shame that no new posts are forthcoming, but jesus, get over it and stop sounding like such whiny pricks.

  36. SoCore says:

    Well-said Alex. I am disappointed when there isn’t a post, but it’s not necessary to have a temper-tantrum. Even though all the ‘fans’ have read Waiter’s stories of ass-hole customers, I am amazed how many people leave comments that show they could be grouped in with the ass-hats that Steve writes about. Look in the mirror people.

    Got your book for Father’s Day!

  37. well done fillet says:

    Manuel has moved from Well Done Fillet……click my name for my new home…..ta ta

  38. bohica says:

    I find it rather amusing that people will post misanthropic ramblings in an attempt to force someone to blog for them.

    Me? I check the blog twice a day because it’s an honour to read when Steve posts, not because he owes me a damned thing. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to check their books to see if they’re actually PAYING him.

  39. Whatever says:

    Well, it was fun until the book came out.
    As a media exec, I’m disappointed you do
    Not realize the need for continued interaction
    With readers to promote your next venture
    Good luck to you. You’ve let a valuable asset
    Slip away.
    Please excuse weird caps. BB seems to have
    Mind of its own today

  40. Mike says:

    Not even a comment from the waiter on why he’s not posting. Hope he’s OK!

  41. mirela says:

    @34 -alex
    in order to have a successful blog one needs plenty of readers, alex! how do you keep them as readers? by posting! what is your problem, sir? how about the fact that we may be worried about what’s going on with the waiter? we can’t call him to make sure he’s ok, we can only email/comment!
    now you got your little moment of glory (so you don’t even need to start a blog) somebody noticed you 🙂

  42. DaveM says:

    the new post is fantastic 😀 greatly entertaining me in my healing

  43. SoCore says:

    @ mirela

    How does slagging someone, insulting how they live their life or the people they hang out with show that you are worried/concerned about them? When Steve posts, Alex is happy, when Steve doesn’ post, Alex doesn’t start writing shit about Steve, unlike some of the other comments posted. I am not too sure how that makes Alex have ‘a problem’.

  44. Alex says:

    Mirela – there’s a difference between being worried about the waiter and comments basically saying ‘the waiter isn’t as much as I want him to. What a prick’. (your other comment on this post is not the type of comment I was directing it at anyway)

    Just some of the comments on these posts just make me think ‘just let him get on with his life’ – it’s not as though he’s obligated to write anything for anyone’s benefit.

  45. Alex says:

    ** should of course say ‘waiter isn’t blogging as much’

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