The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

It’s a weekday afternoon and my friend Phil and I have just walked onto a gun range. Phil and I usually get together twice a year and blow stuff up. For some strange reason I find it very therapeutic. Phil brings the guns, I buy the beer. To be safe, we drink the beer after we go shooting. We’re not professional football players.

To say Phil is well armed is an understatement. Actually, he has more guns than some Latin American countries. One day I expect him to show up with an anti-ship missile in the back of his truck. Today, however, we’re contenting ourselves with shooting a Model 1911 semi-automatic handgun. Trust me, that’s enough.

As Phil and I take up position in a shooting port and start unpacking the hardware, I notice that we’re not alone at the gun range. Several uniformed men are clustered at the opposite end of the shooting gallery. I recognize the patches on their uniform sleeves. They work for a nationally known armored car company. They’re also armed with shotguns.

“Oh great,” Phil says. “The armored car company must be qualifying their guards on shotguns today.”

“Qualifying?” I ask.

“Before they let a cop or security guard carry a gun,” Phil explains, “The state requires you pass a test to prove you can hit what you’re aiming at.”

“Makes sense.”

“You’d be shocked what bad shots cops and security guards can be. You can shoot better than many of them.“

“No way.”

“Yes way.” Phil says, shaking his head. “Some cops only shoot their weapons twice a year.”

“Are you serious?”

“’Fraid so.”

“That’s not a lot of practice.”

“No, it ain’t.”

After we finish setting up, Phil places the 1911 pistol and a magazine filled with .45 caliber ammunition on the shooting bench.

“Now listen up,” Phil says. “This gun’s a little different than the others you’ve shot before.”

“How so?” I ask.

“This is a single action pistol,” Phil says. “That means the only function the trigger has is to drop the hammer and fire the round.”

“And the other pistols I’ve shot were double action,” I reply, “Right?”

“Correct,” Phil says. “When you shoot a double action pistol pulling the trigger performs two functions. It cocks the hammer and it fires the round.”

“I get it.”

“No you don’t,” Phil says sharply. “The trigger on this gun is very light. It only requires four pounds of pressure to set it off.”

“That’s not a lot.”

“Remember the .357 Magnum you shot a while back?”


“That was a double action trigger. That took 12 pounds of pressure to pull the trigger. That’s about the same resistance you get picking up a gallon jug of milk with your index finger.”

“So this gun has what’s called a hair trigger?” I say.

“You better believe it.”

While Phil shows me how to load and unload the pistol I overhear the range master instructing his security guard students in the proper usage of a shotgun. Soon the range is filled with the thunderous cacophony of double-0 buckshot blasts. I’ve fired shotguns before. In antipersonnel mode they’re nasty weapons. Basically, they’re designed to shred people to ribbons.

“You understand everything I’ve shown you?” Phil asks after he’s completed his tutorial.

“Yep,” I reply.

“Let her rip.”

I pick the 1911 of the shooting bench and transfer it to my left hand. One of the things I’ve discovered shooting with Phil over the years is that I’m cross eye-dominant. I may write with my right hand, but I shoot with my left. (Insert appropriate Freudian joke here.) I slip the magazine into the pistol, rack the slide to chamber a round, engage the safety, and level the gun’s sights on a man shaped target 10 yards away. Once I’m satisfied I have a good sight picture, I snick off the safety and pull straight back on the trigger. The gun fires.

To my surprise, the fluorescent light above my target lane disintegrates into a million pieces. The target itself is shredded and knocked off the target carrier. The wires holding the target carrier twang like they’ve be struck by a demented guitarist, snap in two, and crash to the ground. I feel piece of something hit my face.

“Holy shit!” Phil shrieks.

I turn my head. “Did I do that?” I ask, bewildered.

“No,” Phil says. “You didn’t. Put the pistol on safe and step away!”

After I put the pistol down I hear the range instructor screaming at one of his students.

“You IDIOT!” the instructor yells. “How the fuck could you shoot a target on the opposite end of the range?”

“I don’t know,” the hapless student says, shrugging.

“You guys all right over there?” the instructor asks.

“We’re fine,” Phil says. “You are fine?” Phil asks me. “Aren’t you?”

I run a quick check over my body. No holes. “I’m fine.”

“Tell me what town you’re gonna be working in, son!” the instructor bellows at his student. “Because I can knock off any bank you work at in total safety. You really couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn!”

“My first time with one of these things,” the trainee says.

“Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick!,” the instructor yells, throwing up his hands in despair. “This is what I have to work with! The gang that couldn’t shoot straight!”

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” Phil says, tugging on my arm. “I need a soda.”


Phil and I go to the lounge and get some Cokes out of the machine. I brush some plastic fragments from the light fixture out of my hair.

“You’re lucky the buckshot didn’t bounce of the target carrier and hit you,” Phil says, fuming.

“I’m okay Phil,” I reply. “Besides what does it say on the door? ‘Enter at your own risk?”’

“But still…..”

“I’m okay,” I say. “When you finish your soda let’s go back inside.”

“Let’s wait until the security guards are done shooting up the joint.”

“Good idea.”

After a while the guards leave, their tails between their legs. Phil and I go back inside, get a new lane, and start blasting away. To my surprise, I’m very accurate with the 1911 – shooting 2 inch groups at 25 yards.

“I think you’ve found your gun,” Phil says.

“I think so,” I reply.

“Ready to get some beer?”


“You forget the way to Hooters?”


“Let’s go.

As Phil and I pack up our gear, an older man with a badge clipped to his belt comes up to me.

“Hey buddy,” he asks. “You on the job?”

“No, sir,” I reply, “I’m not a police officer.”

“Well,” the cop says. “I was watching you. You shoot very well.”

“Thank you sir!” I say, beaming.

“Have a nice day kid.”

“You too, sir.”

I turn and look at Phil, a shit-eating grin spreading across my face.

“Oh God,” Phil says. “You’re going to be insufferable now.”

“Just call me Dirty Harry,” I say.

“I told you you could shoot better than a lot of cops,” Phil replies.

You think my shooting prowess will impress the Hooter’s waitresses?”

“Get a life Steve.”

83 thoughts on “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”

  1. Eric says:

    This made me laugh and cry at the same time, which is usually my response when something is ‘touching.’ I think in this case it all has to do with being good at something. Or maybe stirred some long lost memory associated with Grandpa having been a Marine marksman, the first to try out the Thomas submachine gun (so the story goes).

    Nice shot! Several of them. 🙂

  2. Scarlett O'hara says:

    I thought I might get a shotgun for protection because you should be able to hit anything with it. Now I’m not sure!

  3. Irina says:

    Dear GOD! i’m glad your not hurt. Too bad though, you just gave me another reason not to trust cops.

  4. nunya says:

    Yeesh. Only from you could I stand a story about a danged shooting range. lol

  5. Big Fan says:


  6. Woo says:

    Hey Steve,

    Good story. One question though, were you really hitting those tight groups from 75 YARDS? That’s 225 feet, which is a LONG distance for a handgun, even a .45… your initial point of 10 yards seems much more realistic.

    Either way, good shooting. Lot’s of strange stuff does happen at the gun range. You really do have to suck bad to miss so horribly with a shotgun. Hopefully those guys recieved some much needed additional training.

  7. Woo says:

    OK. I’m an idiot, I just re-read and saw it was 25 yards. 75 feet. Big difference. Although two inch groups at 75 feet with a handgun really is some damn good shooting. Seriously. Well done.

  8. alexiel says:

    Hi Steve! A fan from Singapore here… I recently bought your book in paperback and I’m just writing to let you know I really enjoyed it. There is no tipping culture in Singapore but waiters are paid by the hour (more than fast food workers, around that of data-entry clerks). Interesting to see how things are like in other parts of the world. I’ll be sure to keep your book in mind when I go abroad!

  9. Jennlm says:

    That was a close one!

  10. Bill Koch says:

    Remember, folks… those uninformed people who say you don’t have to aim a shotgun, just point it in the general direction, are wrong.

  11. Michelle S. says:

    That would have freaked me out! Glad you are okay. Now I feel much safer when the security guards are around…thanks a lot!

  12. Rowgal says:

    Fun story Dirty Harry. Always a good way to start my day w/ a little Waiterrant : )

  13. Vi | Maximizing Utility says:

    I never thought I’d enjoy a story about a shooting range. I always enjoy your writing.

  14. Julie says:

    So I have been researching guns trying to decide which on to get. Now I have another one to look at.

  15. Sushi_Restauranter says:

    Hi Waiter, I love your blog and have been reading it for years from Memphis. Was wondering if you could help me with something. Can you recommend a good website for finding restaurant managers in NYC?

  16. brgplyr says:

    It’s not really funny, but I’m in hysterics! At least you have a possible alternative should the writing gig become boring.

  17. lawyergirl77 says:

    God, Steve – never stop writing. Only you could make a story about a gun range frickin’ hilarious to this Commie Canadian pacifist…

  18. sadianne says:

    Go ahead, leave no tip…

  19. rob says:

    That would definitely freak me out. I used to take my friend to a “rambo” range in Alaska. It’s been cleaned up now, but it was fun while it lasted. Basically it was an uncontrolled range, so you really had to trust that the other people there were responsible gun owners. Most of them were. Most. One time we went and saw a group of young men, all looking very military. I saw a case of beer and a case of soda. I was a little nervous but they didn’t seem too rowdy. My buddy and I loaded up and started shooting. After our first round we started reloading and we heard some rapid fire shots. I looked over and to my surprise one of the guys was holding a gun in each hand shooting downrange while running sideways. My first thought was “what an idiot”. Then he tripped and fell-still firing. I looked at my friend and said “pack it up, we’re out of here.”

    Guns and idiocy do not mix.

    The rambo range was closed down after a part of it caught fire. I think the Alaska railroad had some complaints too…you had to cross their tracks and it must have been unsettling to the passengers to see groups of armed people standing along the tracks.

  20. Katie says:

    You do shoot pretty dang well! I’m a certified youth shotgun instructor, and I’ve had adults scare me worse than kids with guns! And it’s true about security guards and aim, I swear you’d be better with a pit bull at the door!

    Also, kudo’s on you shooting with your left hand. I get many cross-dominant shooters in my youth organization and they are very reluctant to shoot left handed. It’s easier with shotgun shooting, you can blur their left eye with tape on their glasses, but it’s better to try shooting as a southpaw. Good shootin’ Tex!

  21. inothernews says:

    Well…some shooting prowess will help with Hooters waitresses…

    OK, I’m kidding. I’m a feminist woman who can’t resist a dirty joke.

  22. Leann says:

    Oh I laughed. Great shooting tho.

  23. Jake says:

    At the range I shoot at there are holes in the metal track where the targets go down range…Holes in the roof, side walls…Amazing..

  24. billp salem oregon says:

    You are right, shooting can be relaxing. I once shot a dime out of a tree at 50 yards with my 22 rifle. Found the dime to prove it.

  25. TheLoneIguana says:

    Anybody else picture R. Lee Ermey as that instructor? “What is your major malfunction?!

  26. Zelda says:

    Okay. I want to shoot a gun now.

  27. Curt says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter:

    Now this certainly beats reading about someone else’s TV show. More blogs like this again, please.

  28. mikeymike says:

    I love your blog Steve. Great story. You should hold out for the Hooters waitress that is impressed with solid gun play. I’m sure there’s one.

  29. MelC says:

    eek, glad you didnt get hurt!

  30. James says:

    Julie–you should definitely look at the Colt Model 1911. I got my wife one for her wedding present (we live in Texas–it’s customary) and she loves it. Unlike a 9MM, you can guarantee that anything you hit with a .45 is going to fall immediately. And that’s all I wanted for a gun for my wife. I didn’t want a gun that required her to hit the guy in the heart or head to ensure that he went down–the last thing I want is some lunatic continuing to charge her after she’s put five rounds into him (which will happen with a 9MM).

  31. Weezy says:

    Hooters waitress here. Impressive shooting, but I’ll have to add that to my queue of other things my tables attempt to impress me with. 😛

  32. Tony says:

    Matt Emmons was a shoe in for a shooting gold in Athens 2004. He just needed to hit the target near the middle, he cross fired and fell to 8th. Same guy in Beijing 2008, he’s way ahead and needs a 6.7 to win the gold–which is the equivalent of an uncontested lay-up in shooting. He has a flyer or a choke moment and scores a 4.4. He blows the gold two Olympics in a row on the last shot.

    On the other hand, he claims that if he would have won gold in Athens he would have retired and never met his future wife, an olympic shooter from Czech Republic. Go figure.

  33. Food Service Ninja says:

    lets be realistic guys -the security guard is a suck ass shot why EXACTLY?

    Because his employer wont spare a few bucks on ammo so the guards get and KEEP shooting proficiency. Same goes for your local police officer.

    And even if the sec guard was dead eye dick DO YOU really want them to start busting caps when the bank branch your in gets robbed?

  34. McMike says:

    James and Julie. RE ; Model 1911. Do be careful with a genuine Colt M1911. They still have the inertia firing pin in them. Read up on safe handling of the 1911 a bit. They can discharge if dropped even with the hammer down or the safety on. Great gun AND I put a hole in a $2000 Ethan Allen credenza at home with one many years ago due to that inertia firing pin!!!

  35. Brad says:

    I’m cross eye-dominant too. Shooting shot-guns isn’t always fun for me like that.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hello Steve!

    Could you interview some police and fire people? And maybe, if you can, veterans returning from service in the Middle East. I’d really like to hear their stories via your reporting/observations.

    Thanks – just love anything you write.


  37. Timmy Jenkins says:

    Re: The cop complimenting your shooting/mistaking you for officer- Bullllllshhhhhhhitttt.

  38. JR says:

    Your friend has a very good 1911… most of them can’t shoot 2″ groups at 25 yards even if fired from a vise… a genuine Colt 1911 that shoots as accurately as that one will cost upwards of $1200, if you’re lucky enough to find one…

  39. Tom says:

    Nice shooting. I have a Springfield 1911 target match modified, and it’s the best shooting gun I’ve ever owned. Have to disagree with McMike, though. 1911’s were designed for military officers, who have weren’t really respected for their intelligence at the time (maybe the designer was former enlisted). They have multiple safeties, and will not fire unless you are gripping the pistol and pulling the trigger.

  40. Chef Green says:

    Waiter Dirty Harry,
    For some reason I could only think of your “token gay waiter” in the same situation. Imagining his reaction as well as yours made me HOWL.

    It went something like
    TGW:”oh hell noo you did NOT just get shrapnel on my Coach shootin’ vest!”

    You: “Oh my god. Martini.”

  41. lowwall says:

    General background on 1911 pistols from a shooting librarian.

    The 1911 was designed by John Browning as part of a competition by the US Army to choose a new military sidearm. It easily won and was adopted as the official sidearm in 1911 (hence the name). With a couple of very minor changes, it continued as the official primary sidearm until 1985. And it is still being used by the military in specialized situations today as well as being extremely popular with everyone from casual shooters to SWAT team members.

    The 1911 was orginally manufactured by Colt, but now that the patents have expired many manufacturers make 1911 variants or outright clones. They are all collectively referred to as 1911 or M (for Model) 1911 pistols regardless of the maker, although the term Colt 1911 should be reserved the guns produced by Colt. One of the best of today’s manufacturers of 1911s is Kimber Mfg. of Yonkers, New York. Waiter, time for a field trip?

    The most important design change over the last 98 years was the addition of safety that blocks the firing pin from contacting the primer unless the trigger is deliberately pulled as early 1911s could fire accidentally if dropped nose-first onto a hard surface. It’s unlikely many people were ever injured by these accidental discharges since the barrel had to be pointing pretty close to straight into the ground, but plenty of people have used this possibility to try to cover up their own Plaxico Burress-style-pull-the-trigger-when-you-didn’t-mean-to negligent discharges.

    Other changes have been made to make the gun more comfortable to shoot and more accurate, but the basic design remains unaltered.

    Finally, 2″ groups from an offhand standing position at 25 yards requires an excellent gun and an exceptional shooter. You do know group sizes are measured from the centers of the two holes that are the farthest apart? I want to see a scan of a target.

  42. JoeInVegas says:

    Heck with scan of a target, I want to see shots of you shooting at Hooters.

  43. Hananh-Moon says:

    Oh wow this was great!

    I’m cross eye dominant too. I’m right handed but I shoot hand guns and bows with my left.

  44. billp salem oregon says:

    I almost forgot, I once took this good looking babe shooting once. She was so turned on and handled my piece too!

  45. Cindy says:

    What is it called when you’re right-handed, shoot right-handed, but use your left eye to aim? I’m told that I’m right-eye dominant, but simply can’t seem to shoot that way. Interestingly enough, I can switch to my left hand and be as accurate as with my right. 🙂

    As for carrying a 9mm vs a .45…I don’t think the size of the hole should determine what you carry. If you’re more comfortable shooting a 9, then that means you’ll practice more and be more proficient with it. If you miss with the .45, it’s going to take longer to get the next round off because of the recoil (most women have more trouble with the higher caliber because they don’t have the same hand/arm/shoulder strength as a man).

    I carry a 9mm Glock and even IF the attacker was hyped up on some kind of drug, he wouldn’t continue to come after me because I drill for body armour and druggies…meaning, 2 to the body, 1 to the head, or 2 to the body and 1 to the hip. Shoot their means of movement out from under them and they’re not going anywhere.


  46. Glocks are for Girls says:

    I’ll take an HK or Sig over a 1911 any day….

  47. KarenS says:

    Note to “Cindy” you should have both eyes open when you aim, not just your dominant eye.

  48. Suzanne says:

    Billip – That’s not an unusual reaction. All this gun talk has me squirming around in my chair a little =0)

  49. JoeG says:

    Two points:

    1. The guard with the negligent discharge (there is NO WAY he was intending to fire that weapon when it discharged, unless he was intentionally trying to harm you). I’m curious as to how he was able to obliterate your target (10 yards from you), the target hanger, and the shooting light above you with a single round. Even with an open choke, at the distance required for a 10 yard spread (00 buck is usually either 9 or 12 pellets), you probably wouldn’t have even noticed that he had hit your target.

    I’m not calling you a liar, I’m just skeptical by nature, and have spent a good portion of my life around guns of all kinds.

    2. Mr. “a .45 will drop an attacker every time no matter where you hit them” commenter. No, just no. There have been MANY recorded instances where people have continued to fight on after being shot several times with .45 caliber rounds. There are no single shot stop handgun rounds. Period. In my youth I saw a man high on PCP take a 12g round to the chest and continue to fight on, and this is after being hit numerous times by .38 handgun fire (until the officer who shot him followed up with another one to the pelvis, at which point he crumpled and moaned for a minute or two, and promptly bled out). Since that night I’ve been of the opinion that nothing short of .50BMG or 20mm Cannon fire could be safely considered a one shot stop.

    If you are truly worried about your wife’s safety, buy her a handgun in a caliber that is most comfortable for her to shoot, and take her to the range weekly (50 rounds in controlled shooting “target shooting” and another 50 in “stop the attacker” bursts). Train her to shoot an attacker to the ground (Cindy has the right idea with including the pelvis as a target area, though I would recommend 4-5 to the chest, 2-3 to the pelvis, maybe then transitioning to the head – if you stop their ability to move, they are not going to be much of a threat. If they have a gun, empty the magazine in them, reload, and continue fire until they stop moving).

  50. Mac The Bartender says:

    I’ll tell you why restaurant staff make the best shots, we picture all the idiots we have to deal with on the range…

  51. admin says:

    Amen to that brother………

  52. lowwall says:

    I’m curious as to how he was able to obliterate your target (10 yards from you), the target hanger, and the shooting light above you with a single round. Even with an open choke, at the distance required for a 10 yard spread (00 buck is usually either 9 or 12 pellets), you probably wouldn’t have even noticed that he had hit your target.

    He probably hit the target hangar. I’ve seen them hit before and the target usually falls from the bouncing and bullet “shrapnel” ripping into the top of the target. A direct hit on the carrier is also the most likely way to cause the wire to “twang” (although I admit the wire parting sounds like artistic license to me). A hit on the carrier would then send ricocheting pellets everywhere. Even a single ricocheting buckshot will do a spectacular job on a fluorescent tube bulb.

    Remember to wear your eye protection on the range. It’s not meant to stop bullets, it’s meant to stop things like flying cartridge cases, fast-moving particles of unburned powder and little pieces of bullets that may come bouncing back at you.

  53. sam says:


    It cracks me up how all you NY liberal pro-barack-the -usurper-from-kenya anti-gun types jump on the pro-gun bandwagon (and yes steve I’m talking about you too, i’ve read your posts with the anti-gun slant) once the carefully-crafted facade of “civilization” starts to crack.

    well, whatever it takes to get you guys to pull your heads from the sand.

    now go read the Constitution. If you don;t love it, there are plenty of socialist nations in the world that would love to have another subject.

  54. admin says:

    Sam, it sounds like just emerged from your mountain redoubt and are suffering from a cognitive disorder that stems from eating one to many improperly sealed cans of homemade caribou chili. Chill baby, chill.

  55. Pamela Schott says:

    Wow, Steve. What a story. I would say, “only in New York,” (or was this Jersey?), but that’d be a stretch. Safe to say only you could make a story like this memorable.

    Keep writing!

  56. Questioning Obammy is Verboten says:

    Sam, Libbies/Obammies etc can’t take any criticism (or discuss facts but that’s a whole ‘nother issue). Attack, attack, attack is all you’ll get out of them–look what happened when Joe the Plumber DARED ask Obammy a question–Libbies attacked him every possible way.
    Questioning LibNazis/their God Obammy etc is VERBOTEN.

    Finally, I just love the bumper sticker that reads:

    “I’ll show your president the same respect you showed mine.”

  57. meglena says:

    Great post, Steve! I thoroughly enjoyed it despite hating guns and books/movies involving shooting, ranges etc.
    I’m glad you didn’t get hurt and i hope you impressed the waitresses:)

  58. Cindy says:

    Karen, even with both eyes open, we all have a dominant eye that we’re using for the sights. Most people who shoot right-handed are right-eye dominant and vice versa. But I truly use my left eye to sight while I’m holding the gun in my right hand.

    Makes it *really* hard to use a rifle because I can’t get my left eye in line with the sights when I’m holding it with my right hand. :\


  59. Betsy says:

    fucking BORING go back to waiting tables you were interesting then

  60. Booply says:

    I’m even worse with sighting with my left eye. I have no problem getting the gun and my body in correct position to fire left handed. My problem is I can’t get my right eye to wink so I focus down the sights with my left. It’s been a problem for me for as long as I can remember, but ever since I started shooting guns, I’ve found ways to adjust. Some guns don’t recoil too much so I can just crossover, left hand over right arm for support and use my right eye as the sight-eye. But with bigger guns there are only two ways I can manage to aim. Either add a laser sight I can trigger with a thumb press on the butt, or with a laser sight (zoomed or none) that allows my one eye to see the honed in red-dot target while the other doesn’t. Of course calibration of either of these two systems must be done in advance with the use of my right handed dominance.

  61. annmg says:

    My husband works at a shooting range, and is also an instructor. I can assure you that here in California, cops and security guards are terrible shots too. I won’t go out on the range when they are qualifying. Totally frightening that these are the people that are supposed to be protecting me! Good thing I’m a good shot and I have my permit to carry. 😉

  62. annmg says:

    #52 I can assure you that people shoot the cable (wire hanger) all the time. I’ve spent many an evening fixing them. Another possibility is that the rope that pulls the target got shot. They get dirty pretty quickly and look just like the cable after a while.

  63. Rochelle says:


    I’m clearly lagging in pop culture, as I’ve only just read your book. (Though I did start and finish it in one day; a fact which I hope gives me a little leeway.)

    So happy to have “discovered” you. You’re utterly brilliant and charming.


  64. Learning For Dummies says:

    Wow. I have a shotgun precisely because I don’t know how to shoot, and the guy who sold it too me promised that I wouldn’t be able to miss. Sounds like perhaps that’s not the case. Hopefully I’ll never have to test that.


    I would like to find a range where I could practice shooting it, though. Or not. I’m not sure after reading your story!

  65. BS says:

    I’m with Timmy Jenkins; I call Bullshit on the whole cop mistaking you for a cop thing. We’ve seen this before in your writing, where you take what is probably a mostly true story and then tack on additional details that cast you in a highly favorable light. Sort of like you are trying to present as fact what you wish had happened or wish you had said (shades of George Costanza…)

    Also, as a responsible gun owner and shooter, I’m concerned that you are a little too wide-eyed and impressed with the fact that you are handling guns. It’s very adolescent and contributes to the view of people who believe that gun owners are nutjobs. Please get some experience and an adult viewpoint before you write further on the topic. (And apologize to Phil for telling everyone about his extensive collection. If he is identified, he will be a target for both anti-gun zealots, as well as burglars)

  66. Anonymous says:

    OT: maybe this is old news, but I just read this article on the BBC about tipping and it made me think of you Steve.

  67. Mara says:

    I’m cross-eye dominant too, and I shoot left-handed. It just feels better. Usually arrows, but I did have a class in junior high that let me shoot this teeny little two-shot derringer. Gotta love Texas.

  68. DickDeadeye says:

    Hey Waiter:
    Did you happen to borrow the title of this entry from the RPGnet rant? Just curious.

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  71. fop says:

    hey, say what you like about republicans, but caribou chili is delicious

  72. Ben from Buffalo says:

    Good luck getting a (legal) handgun in Jersey. We in NY and NJ lost our 2nd amendment rights long ago….it’s damn near impossible to get a handgun permit.

    I also pictured the instructor as R. Lee Ermey 🙂

  73. Hannah says:

    I don’t know which hand I shoot with, I’ve never fired a real gun, only a shooting gallery replica that fires laser lights, and I’m smart enough to know that doesn’t count as practice 😉

    You seemed a lot calmer than Phil, I’m not sure what your knowledge is on the likelihood of being hit by a deflecting buckshot, but I’d wager that it was on Phil’s mind.

    As for protection, I prefer a 6 ft one inch(diameter) hemlock dowel 😉

  74. palpauly says:

    Good shooting!

    Its good of you to flip for the beers, hope you helped Phil out w/the cost of the ammo as well. Phil being such a gun buff would most likely pack his own shells, but it can still get costly. If not shells for a day of shoot em up for two run about $90 on up depending on your arsenal.

  75. palpauly says:

    Good shooting!

    Its good of you to flip for the beers, hope you helped Phil out w/the cost of the ammo as well. Phil being such a gun buff would most likely pack his own shells, but it can still get costly. If not shells for a day of shoot em up for two run about $90 on up depending on your arsenal.

  76. Itstishy says:

    Hey BS…….I was mistaken for a cop by a judge in a courtroom. I am SOOO not the cop type as far as i am concerned, i guess the judge thought different. Steve being thought to be a cop isnt that much of a stretch.

  77. BS says:

    Itstishy – Being mistaken for a cop by a judge and being mistaken for a cop by a cop are two very different things. I’m a cop, and there’s not a chance that I’m going to mistake some neophyte wannabe as another cop.

    Sorry Waiter, I do like you, but you sometimes blur the line between what actually happened, versus what you wanted to happen.

  78. ABasketOfPups says:

    Actually, the cop said “are you on the job?” which >I< read to mean, “are you part of the group that was just in?” (“The Job” being the security guard gig, instead of “being a cop.”) In which case, it’s perfectly reasonable… it just doesn’t mean quite what he thought it meant. 🙂

  79. chosha says:

    BasketofPups: No, ‘on the job’ means being a cop.

    Waiter: I know this scenario. I spent a fabulous day at the range with some friends trying out everything from a .22 to a .45, plus a rifle (which was smooth) and a shotgun (which bruised my shoulder with the recoil…ouch!). At the end of the day we each picked our favourite gun (me = glock) and did some races with targets. I was most excited when I realised I scored higher than two friends in the group – one that used to be in the army and one that used to be a cop. 🙂 Great fun!!


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  81. Gordonjcp says:

    I read somewhere recently that armed police in the UK need to clock up something like ten hours of range time *per week*, otherwise they don’t get to keep their licenses. My local police station has a very large underground shooting range, where they practice.

  82. Jo says:

    Please shoot poster # 79? He’s holding a target 🙂

  83. Xenobiologista says:

    Americans (especially “Questioning Obammy is Verboten”): please stop the “your president my president” bullshit. One of the side effects of living in a strong democracy is that sometimes the guy (or lady) you like doesn’t win.

    Obama is your president and George W. Bush was your president, the law doesn’t care which one you liked or hated. Stop being so childish.

  84. Zack says:

    Waiter, have you ever been out hunting? If you had you wouldn’t take those pellets bouncing around so lightly. If they were using 00buck that’s like 9 .33 bullets bouncing around you. Granted by the time they ricochet off the hanger they’ve lost a lot of energy but I wouldn’t like to take that chance.

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