A Sneak Peek at Upcoming Episodes of “No Reservations!”

Since I owe Anthony Bourdain huge, you’ll be seeing sneak peeks of his great show No Reservations here on Waiter Rant! Tony, you can pimp me out anytime. 

From the Travel Channel:

Tony loves the energy and edge of big cities. So how is it that he has avoided Chicago for so long? In the upcoming episode of No Reservations, he sets off on “some unfinished business” to rectify that situation.

When people think of Chicago they think of deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, seafood from the Calumet River and Mancow Muller, Chicago’s own shock jock. Tony decides to put all of them to the test and soak in even a bit more of Chicago, such as meeting with avant-garde chef Homaro Cantu, and dinning at the famous L20. He even makes an appearance at a backyard BBQ, for homemade specialties like sausage, creamed corn and beans.

Tony concludes that although Chicago has been dubbed ‘the Second City’ – Chicago holds it’s own as a great metropolis and in fact needs no comparison. Make sure you watch on a full stomach, because the food looks delicious!

Catch the new episode Monday, February 2nd at 10pm EST on the Travel Channel. Click here to watch an “exclusive” sneak preview.

29 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek at Upcoming Episodes of “No Reservations!””

  1. Cathi says:

    While I know you, personally, didn’t write the Travel Channel thing, I just wanted to say it kind of hurts my Chicagoan heart to see it being written about like “Well, people tend to forget about Chicago but it’s awesome, too, guys! Really!”

    Cause it is awesome! Both in the food world and otherwise.


  2. Moshizzle says:

    When you put it like that, you should be writing for the Travel Channel. That was truly lame. I have wanted to go to Chicago for years and now I have no desire to go whatsoever. Or watch the show. Thanks.

  3. admin says:

    It’s your loss Moshizzle. No Reservations consistently cracks me up and damn, Chicago is one fine town!

  4. Sunny says:

    Perhaps the reason Tony Bourdain has avoided Chicago is because the climate is, uh, so… aggressive. I was there once, in August, and it was as chilly as rural Denmark… and with a lot more wind. Props to the people who live there and thrive on it, ’cause they’re tough. They’d have to be.

    As I recall, Tony seems to favor a more tropical setting for his vacations… and adventures. Smart man.

  5. Dara says:

    What did you do that you owe Anthony?
    I would love to be in that situation! He cracks me up, and I would love to travel or eat with him!

  6. NancyLee says:

    Chicogo, Chicago that toddlin’ town, that toddlin’ town.

    What is a ‘Toddlin’ town’?

  7. Starr01 says:

    Umm No
    while i do like deep dish pizza that clip did not make me want to rush out and get one. Sorry

  8. Mandy says:

    Chicago has great food. Pizza, beef, and the Chicago Cubs. I’m only so lucky to live so close.

  9. NN says:

    Now I love Chicago, and I love its deep dish style pizza and the vast array of choices it offers as a city. But the one and only thing I dont like abt this place is, its so cold! And oh did I mention that the food is really cheap over here?

  10. Eva says:

    Best food in Chicago is White Castle hamburgers! Yes indeed, I am such a foodie! 😉 BTW, if you really know Chicago, first thing you think of is miserable crappy hellish winters.. (OK so maybe living in California has stunted my viewpoint!)

  11. Becs says:

    Oh dear. Another love slave for Tony. I think his roster’s already full, darling Waiter.

  12. RNMOM says:

    Finally, Chicago getting it’s long overdue homage……think it has anything to do with our new president elect?? I’m starting to think he is our new cheerleader! I love new york & especially love to eat there, but I also love to explore my hometown eateries too–and there are plenty of them, nestled into neighborhoods…if you visit, don’t just be content to eat in the Loop–visit the neighborhoods & what they have to offer–that’s the REAL Chicago food experience!! I’ll start it off….looking for a fabulous Mexican restaurant??? look no further than Sol de Mexico located @ 3018 N. Cicero Ave in the heart of the Cragin neighborhood–fantastic ceviche & homemade mole sauces….enjoy!!

  13. billp salem oregonn says:

    While the food is great in the Chicago area, I’m still glad I moved away 19 years ago. Visit once in a while.

  14. Talking Budgie says:

    You can pimp out Anthony Bourdain here any time. Mmmm hmmmm…

  15. Deena says:

    Anthony is a tall sexy drink of water! I’m not one for deep dish…I’m a thin, crispy crust kind of girl.

  16. Sonya says:

    Dara: M Bourdain wrote the cover blurb for Waiter’s book. So cool!

  17. Dara says:

    Sonya: Hehe see, obviously showing that I was unable to buy it… AND I didnt get it for xmas!

    but my birthday is coming up 🙂

  18. misc says:

    you definitely didn’t write that, but that was nice of you to post

  19. Jessica says:

    Chicago holds ITS own. No apostrophe.

    sorry, just bugging me.

  20. Lethe says:


  21. Ava says:

    Some of the best meals I’ve ever had have been in Chicago! I was a waitress and bartender there, and it doesn’t get any better than Chicago neighborhood eats.

  22. Former Server/Bartender says:

    misc, he says “From the Travel Channel” before he pasted the paragraph in. He’s not trying to fool anyone… sheesh…

  23. TmTx says:

    Man I had a strange dream about Anthony last night. I saw him walking around at the state fair in one of my old stomping grounds so I decided to grab him and haul him around to the local dives cause he looked bored beyond belief. For some reason though he caused a riot and all of it was on NR the next week. Strange dream. Anyway not that any of that has to do with him going to Chi-town. But, fantastic news that he’s going, got a lot of foodie friends that are from there so they’ll definitely be tuning in.

  24. Jimbob Jones says:

    MAN, there’s a lot of angry people on this blog. You get some well-deserved success, and people get all up your ass about being a sellout.

    Instead of bitching about your success, these people should be doing something about their own. But apparently, it’s too hard for them to work towards something — but easy to bitch about you getting out of waiting.

  25. Tenebrae says:

    To NancyLee who asked what a “Toddlin’ town” is–way back when the song “Chicago” was written, there was a dance called the Toddle.
    Evidently, it was popular in Chicago.

  26. Booply says:

    Mandy, I find it a bit disturbing that you actually eat baby bears…they must have more tender meat than the adults.

  27. Sue says:

    Tony has started to get on my nerves big time with his NYkr act (by the way, I am a NYkr who has relocated – I know of which I speak) Particularly his massive assumptions – does the man do no research at all? Opening narration – Chicago is called the second city because the first city burnt down – it has nothing to do with New York at all. I think I learned that in grade school. Maybe he needs to get some interns or something?

    His schtick is getting old and predictable. Does he wait until the last min to write his VO scripts? He comes across like a transplant – probably used to complain about the B&T crowd – never mind that the Ramones, who he loves, were from Queens.

    And his pompous “NY and Chicago are the only real cities” statement – what a d-bag. I am so sure he would have said that if the room wasn’t full of Chicago natives. I need to go back to not watching his show.

  28. Junior says:

    Mancow is from Kansas City.. we fired him and you got him..

    just letting you know…

  29. Heather says:

    just wanted to mention the reason for chicago being called the “second city”. it’s because after the great chicago fire, the city had to be completely rebuilt; therefore it’s the second version of chicago.

    not because we’re second to anyone else in case you were wondering!

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