Hit and Run – Follow Up

A few months ago I wrote a post entitled Hit and Run.” It was about Jairo Gonzalez-Romero, a young immigrant restaurant worker in NJ who was killed by a hit and run driver.

After two months, a person has been arrested and charged in this case. The full story in appears here in the Bergen Record.

I was also gratified to see that $4000 has been raised to help cover Jairo’s funeral expenses and send money home to his family. I know Waiter Rant readers have donated a portion of that money.

To all the readers who generously contributed to Jairo and his family you have my heartfelt thanks.

One thought on “Hit and Run – Follow Up”

  1. Bill Curtin says:

    I read through this blog years ago, and after something brought it to mind I’ve been reading through all the posts, enjoying it anew.

    When I got to this one, I decided to do a little searching to find out what ever became of this hit and run guy, but the link is dead. I searched lots of combinations of his name, “hit and run,” “killed,” and so on, all in vain. The story wasn’t significant enough to merit much attention at the time, and even less so a decade later. Besides whatever memorial his family created back home, this blog may be the only remaining evidence that Jairo ever lived, and the only tribute to his life on the Internet.

    I’m glad it’s here.

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