Monthly Archives: September 2016

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It’s My Turn

It was a crisp fall morning and I was walking towards my truck when a young boy ran up to me. “There’s trouble, sir! Come quick!” I stared down at the boy. “What kind of trouble?” “Mr. Johnson’s being robbed.” I looked at the general

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It was 2:00 AM on a hot and humid night and I was driving home after spending an evening with friends. The heavy and dank air kept fogging up my windshield and no amount of fiddling with the A/C or rolling down the windows would

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The Other Side of Light

I was relaxing at my parent’s house in Pennsylvania when my dog, Felix, began whinnying and pawing at the door. “You have to go out?” I said. Felix’s reply was a short bark. Hauling myself off the couch, I slipped on my shoes and opened