Vegas Baby! Vegas!

I’m going to be in Las Vegas from March 10-15th to research my new book on tipping! While I have interviews lined up, I’m still looking for people in the following occupations to talk to!

Casino Dealers

Cocktail Waitresses

Limo Drivers

Cab Drivers

Sex workers (male and female) 

Strippers (male and female) 

Hotel Maids

Car Valets


If you’re willing to talk to me while I’m in “Sin City” drop me a line at You can be as anonymous as you want. And, if anyone can think of tipped professions in Vegas I’m not considering, let me know! 

Thanks for all the responses to my last “casting call!” I’m still sorting through them all. I’ll try and be back with a story in the next couple of days! Right now my life is all about research and travel planning. I’m sure I’ll have some fun blog posts from the road! 

Thanks again for all your help!

26 thoughts on “Vegas Baby! Vegas!”

  1. DiamondDaveeO says:

    So Steve,
    Does this include a side trip to the famous Chicken Ranch? I’ve never been there, but I would imagine that the professionals there are normally tipped for services rendered.
    Have fun, and good luck.

  2. Trinity says:

    I’ve never been to Vegas, but if they have tour guide companies, you’d tip them too.

    Good luck!

  3. Food Service Ninja says:


    I dont know if you tip these guys but there is a new conceirge (misspelled) type service which for a fee they grease the wheels at all the nuightclubs prob restaurants to get you VIP treatment ie no waitng in line. Basically they act like a casino host does but for your nightlife if your not a real high roller. This comes in handy as some of the clubs the lines to get in look worse that NYC club lines. Caught this on a reality show on one of the clubs in Vegas once.

  4. billp salem oregonn says:

    Hold onto your wallet my friend! Have you been there before? Another too good to be true place with all the WIN money signs. Do you really know anyone who has? The shows can be good though.

  5. Julie says:

    My brother is a helicopter pilot there – doing tours. They’re tipped.

  6. Vi | Maximizing Utility says:

    Have lots of fun! And I hope you bring back a fun story to share with us on your blog.

  7. Adri says:

    Could you swing a book signing on the 13th or 14th? I’d love to get you to sign my copy… I’ll make the drive from LA if you can!

  8. JEWLL4U says:


  9. Suzanne says:

    DiamondDaveeO –

    The Chicken Ranch is outside of La Grange, Texas. (Know Thy ZZ TOP!!)

    I think maybe you mean the Moonlight Bunny Ranch of “Cathouse” Fame?

  10. MelC says:

    Been to Vegas twice, its awesome, if overly touristy and HAWT! (this coming from a WestTexan). We used the Valet at the casino we stayed in and tipped at least five dollars each time we parked (had a side game where we’d guess what color was on the valet ticket; it was always different *lol*); we also tipped the bellhop who said that most people forget to tip him, so we made *his* day! LOL
    Vegas rocks, have fun!

  11. John says:

    Good luck, remember to gamble

  12. Heather says:

    I don’t know for sure (I’m Canadian) but I suspect that salon workers are tipped in Las Vegas. Hair stylists, manicurists, masseuses, and the like.

  13. Jonathan says:

    Incall massage therapists?

  14. Weezy says:

    I’m in Las Vegas as a food server, so I don’t apply, but

  15. Weezy says:

    (totally didn’t mean to submit just then, but continuing on…)

    …I appreciate what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.

  16. JJ says:

    Have you considered speaking to cosmetologists, manicurists, and others in the beauty industry?

  17. DiamondDaveeO says:

    Suzanne –
    Thanks for the assist. I was however referring to the Chicken Ranch Brothel in Pahrump, NV. somewhere outside of Vegas. . Rock on!

  18. ab says:

    Will i receive a tip for the information i give you?

  19. Jan in Chesterfield says:

    I just finished your book. I really enjoyed it and plan to buy it for each of my daughters. I know they will enjoy it even more because of their server/bartender years.
    I look forward to all your posts.
    Have fun in Vegas!

  20. Rose Royce says:

    What about the people you tip to get a better seat at shows? Do they count? Also during Christmas I was enjoying my new camera and walking through a mall asked permission of people to shoot their outfits (I live in an empty backwater whose main food places are Jack in the Box – I have to grab my entertainment where I can get it) but some women in skimpy outfits wanted a donation/tip that they donated to a charity of their choice. If you have a chance you could look into that. I’ve often wondered if the Caesar’s people in costume get tipped for people taking their pictures? These weren’t pictures we were in, I just like shooting interesting things, and ask people’s permission before I shoot them. If you haven’t been to see Madame Toussaud’s wax museum – go! Buy the tickets at the discount booths ahead of time rather than at the door for discount savings. This is fun if you have a friend and are into posing and making jokes; it can be very interactive.
    Also really have to recommend Steve Wyrick magician at Planet Hollywood theater. His performance was more of a story than an act and left me very moved and with tears in my eyes and a warm feeling in my heart, well worth the time and money! Have fun!

  21. Cisco says:

    Welcome to Vegas Waiter!.

  22. Mindy says:

    Hi, I’m a Las Vegas resident new to your blog (just joined last week). Unfortunately, although I have relatives who work in the industry, the vast majority of the people I know here work anywhere but a casino! And, no I don’t work in a tipped profession;I work in a medical office.

    Just wanted to make sure the following are on your list: It is customary to tip dealers of all table games when you’re winning or otherwise having a good time. Likewise, the Keno runners. If you happen to be gambling at a convenience store or a grocery store, tipping the cashier, or whoever is overseeing the machines, is part of the experience.

    Welcome to Vegas!

  23. Nickles says:

    I can think of three groups who get tipped regularly in Vegas:

    The cab-stand guys/gals at the airport and most major hotels are often tipped, especially at the hotels where they may load your luggage for you.

    The shuttle drivers from rental car lots often get tipped (at least the ones I’ve seen) when they load/unload luggage for passengers.

    The entertainers in the Forum Shops at the Venetian also get tipped for taking photos, and some for their performances. You can find them in the hallways and in the main square.

  24. Carolyn says:

    I think you missed one good one…I was a Concierge. I worked in a corporate environment but did get an occasional tip.

    My job description was as follows: I can do anything, as long as it is LEGAL and KIND.

    A concierge can be a travelers link to the best of the best.

    Ask me anything *wink*

  25. Katie L says:

    I know that if you get married in Vegas, You tip the guy marrying you, All the people that help during the wedding.. Not that I would know or anything 🙂

  26. Mad Girl says:

    Nice shot

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