After four and a half years the mask is finally off. What a relief!

My thanks to Carla at the Post for a fun interview and Zandy for taking the great pictures. The Metamucil was inspired, man!

My book goes on sale today at fine bookstores everywhere! Go buy! We’re gunning for the NY Times Bestseller List!

Remember I’ll be at the Borders Books at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan at 7PM tonight. Also, please don’t forget to check out my guest blog over at Powell’s Books.

Among other things, I’ll be on Bloomberg Radio today at 10:30 AM!

I’ll also be on the Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC RADIO at 1:25 PM. Listen in!

Thanks to everyone who made this day possible – family, friends, loved ones near and dear, restaurant industry veterans, agents, publishers, proofreaders. publicists,  and of course, the faithful readers of Waiter Rant! Thank you!

And no, I won’t put the mask back on!

208 thoughts on “Unmasked”

  1. Anonymous Commenter says:

    So you’re not an essay-churning robot after all. Congratulations.

  2. Doogie says:

    Nice to meet you Steve! Can’t wait for the book!

  3. Marcy says:

    Congratulations on the big day! Am too far away to come to the signing–will you be selling signed copies on the blog?

  4. Nikki says:

    Wow. I think all your readers hoped to find out who you were someday, never thought it would be so soon, or voluntary lol! Looks like everything’s turned out pretty nicely for you. Good job on how you’ve handled things, all the best in weeks to come!

  5. laura says:

    how totally different you look then I expected, for some reason I always had a dark-haired grumpy looking guy in my head, not unlike the food-critic character from ratatouille. Fhew.. Can’t wait to read the book, but amazon won’t deliver ’till late august 🙁
    It will be my holiday read!

    hope you have a great day today!

  6. Jenny says:

    Congrats on the book! And my, you’re a handsome guy. 🙂

  7. Lisa says:

    Congrats on the book! Will be picking it up to read on vacation next week!

  8. Dave Cole says:

    Well, congratulations on not being unmasked but unmasking yourself!

    Will Waiter Rant now turn into Restaurant-Diner-Rant?

    I’ve been reading this blog for a couple of years; I hope it keeps going strong!


  9. VeggieOption says:

    You unveil nicely, Waiter! Here’s hoping your book makes the NYTimes Best Sellers List!

  10. phil imbesi says:

    I always pictured you taller. 🙂

    Can’t wait for the book!

  11. Carl says:

    Simply amazing


    Just as cute as I suspected! Would love to be in NY, guess I’ll just have to enjoy your book. Thanks for entertaining us and we hope for much more!

  13. mr lim says:

    Hope there wouldn’t be any crazy vengeful restaurant owners or customers coming after you. 😉

  14. Robin G. says:

    You’re cute, man. You remind me of Alton Brown. Something tells me you’re going to be rolling in the chicks from now on, mi amigo 🙂

  15. yi says:

    I’m sad that I’m not in the NY area…would have loved to go get my book signed by you!!! bought it from Amazon and got it…half way through it already…keep up the wonderful work you’re doing!!! and yes! will you be selling signed copies? I would buy one!!!

  16. Mrs Lim says:

    Wow, cutie alert!

    good luck on the sales of your book!

  17. Jeremy Stribling says:

    Wow, you one busted mofo. Like the special olympics of waiters

  18. brgplyr says:

    You’re a cutie…I may have to adopt you.


  19. Scott says:

    You don’t look as intimidating as I thought you would. Congrats on the book.

  20. James says:

    Excellent stuff, hope it all goes well for you. I found WR at the start of this year and have been reading through all the archives since. Pre-ordered the book, it’s out over here in the UK on the 7th next month.

    Will you be doing a UK book signing at all? Twist their arm and get up here in the North of England, preferbly at Darlington 😉

  21. debi says:

    i pictured you with dark hair and brooding countenance. you’re char-meeng.

  22. eye4style says:

    Congrats on the book, I just picked it up on Friday. It’s been about 5 years since I last waited tables and reading Waiter Rant reminded me how universal the serving experience is.

  23. Michelle S. says:

    Huh…you’re not as scary as I thought you would be…LOL! Take the glasses off and you look closer to what I imagined. I am thoroughly enjoying putting your face to all of my favorite posts now, fits very nicely! Congratulations on coming out and enjoy the publicity!

    Please keep posting!

  24. kelliebrat says:

    When I remembered to go check the mail last nite about 11pm I was jumpin’ for joy when your book was in my mailbox! Opened it up to read before bed and didnt put it down until I finished it about 4am! What a great read my dear Waiter!!! You didnt disappoint. And may I say, unmasked did not disappoint either!! CONGRATS Waiter…er, um Steve!! As always, you rock

  25. Melissa says:

    Congratulations!!! I’m coming to the book signing and I’m keeping the post article. What a great article and the COVER of the Pulse Insert, no less! Way to go, you must be very proud.

  26. ellen says:

    You look EXACTLY the way I thought you would.

  27. Jay says:

    Congrats!!! What a huge relief for you.

    But seriously, Steve? Nah.

    You’ll always be The Waiter to us 🙂

  28. Sapph says:

    I’m sitting here anxiously waiting for UPS to show up with my order from Amazon – I’ve only been waiting months and months for it. LOL I agree with Robin above – you’ve got that Alton Brown thing going on, and to my husband and I, that’s a huge plus in your favor. 🙂 Congratulations Wait…er…Steve. That’s going to take some getting used to!

    Here’s the current Amazon rankings – I suspect these are going to be climbing very quickly!

    Amazon.com Sales Rank: #479 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

    Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)
    #6 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Essays
    #12 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Satire
    #34 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Memoirs

    Way to go, Steve!!!!!!

  29. WellDoneFillet says:

    due! totally not what I expected you to look like…..

  30. WellDoneFillet says:

    eh that was meant to be “dude” excitement got the better of me….

  31. Ben says:

    You look much younger than I expected.

  32. Al says:

    I would have laid money that you were the polite, professional, but always so aware dark haired waiter at C’Esca… good luck with the book… I ordered mine on Amazon months ago… you deserve all the success you reap!

  33. Heather says:

    CONGRATULATIONS STEVE! All your hard work is paying off at last.

    You don’t look like I had imagined you, but I’m certainly not disappointed! Picking up the book today, cutie. 🙂

    Enjoy this day!

  34. fuegodelsol says:

    This is my first comment ever on your site, even after having been a loyar reader for more than a year… and I’m so glad to be writing this on your special day, Steve!

    Congratulations on the book, and the long-awaited reveal. You look a lot friendlier than I thought you did. Here’s to hoping your next pic features your thousand-yard waiter stare – perhaps then you’d look more like how we imagine you. 🙂

  35. DeeDee says:

    You look a lot like I thought you might!
    Congrats on your well-deserved celebrity…can’t wait to read your book!

  36. Big Sexy says:

    Waiter (sorry, Steve, but still have to call you waiter, old habits die hard)! You are so cute! Anxiously awaiting my copy from Amazon, ordered it months ago! Congrats! Can’t wait to read the blog about your book tour and such!
    You deserve it!

  37. Robin in Ohio says:

    Dear Waiter…oops, I guess I can call you Steve, now, eh?

    You’re quite the good looking guy! My mental picture of you was way off. I had you and your “thousand yard stare” looking a bit more like the Gomez Addams character from the old TV show.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog over the past three years. Good luck on your future life as a writer!

    Robin in Ohio

  38. NYC Diner says:

    Hi Steve,
    I fly to a wedding on Thursday, I will have a copy of Waiter Rant with me.
    The very best to you.

  39. Brendan says:

    Very happy the waiter is from my area. I have been working in the same business for 18 years in your county. Congrats on the book can’t wait to pick up my copy.

  40. Garrett says:

    COngrats on the book!

  41. Diane says:

    Wow. Unmasked. why did you finally decide to reveal yourself? 🙂 Is it because you’ve left the restaurant industry? Congrats on your book! 🙂

  42. Anonymous says:

    What?! Your human?? I don’t believe it… congratulations on the book, nice to finally meet you!

  43. Donna says:

    Aw Waiter, you’re adorable! My mental image of you seems to be fairly popular among the commenters – dark-haired, dark-featured, tall and rather intimidating. Glad to see you looking so friendly.

    Congratulations on the book and all the best!

  44. Rachel says:

    My life just changed!!! I can’t believe that you’ve been unmasked!! What a smile!

    Can’t wait to read your book.
    Keep posting; I love this blog.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Oh you’re cute! But not what I had thought you looked like… Like one of your other readers said, I thought you might look like the critic in Ratatouille! Hope you make it to the bestseller list! I’ve already bought the book 🙂

  46. Old Waiter says:

    Congratulations, handsome fella!

    I have really enjoyed this blog and I’m sure I’m going to love the book. I wish you the best of luck!

  47. Nate says:

    I live in the UK and pre-ordered mine to have shipped to my local Waterstones store.

    It’s not supposed to be released until August 9th over here, but I picked mine up today!

    Gonna start it tonight. Very excited!

    After reading since 2005, I haven’t looked at the pictures of you yet….I don’t know if I want to? That air of mystery is good, I believe.

  48. garmash says:

    Congratulation on the book! Great job Waiter!
    Can’t wait to read it. Love your blog.
    And lots of luck to you!

  49. Joe says:

    Steve (kinda funny calling you by your real name).. 😉

    Congrats on the release of your book today and your unveiling.

    I am looking forward to reading the new book. Hopefully you will still be active in the blogosphere as well.

  50. Missyl says:


    I’ve read your blog for a while now, and never left a comment. I just wanted to say I’m very happy for you. I have always had respect for waiters, but after reading your blog all of the time I became even more respectful. I’m also glad that I can finally put a name and face with your entries.

  51. Foody says:

    Creepy. You look exactly how I imagined you O_o And I figured your name would be Steve, John, Jon or Ben.

    Anywho, I’m picking up a copy directly after work. I can’t wait 🙂

  52. Zombies says:

    It’s funny how you always paint the image of people you never get to see but always hear (or read) from….. And I had you down for a Daniel Craig look-a-like in a tux rescuing New York restaurants from bad customers. But, your far better looking than that! 😉

    Congratulations on the book release! I think I’ll run by Borders on my break this afternoon and get my copy.

  53. Fr. Shane Tharp says:

    I can’t wait to read it. It’s on the way from Amazon.

  54. Stella says:

    Waiter, I mean, Steve…

    Won’t you please post a photo of you giving us the (in)famous “waiter stare?” I want to see it!!!

    Congratulations on your success. I look forward to seeing the blog evolve.

  55. Irish Ma says:

    I’m already halfway through my copy and it’s fabulous. Some stories I remember from the blog but he’s expanded on the them. They are funny and poignant even the 3rd or 4th time around!

    Way to go and congratulations! To take off the mask must be a huge relief.

  56. Leslie says:

    The book is awesome! I haven’t peeked at your photo, yet. I just wanted to let you know Whoopi Goldberg just mentioned ‘Waiter Rant’ on ‘The View’!

    It was part of the hot topics segment of the show. They were discussing tipping and used your blog/book as a launching point!

    Time to see if you look like I imagined….how exciting!

    Congratulations on your success.

  57. Aïda says:

    Wow Steve! You look great!

  58. Jonathan Dobres says:

    Ah, so that’s you. You look a lot younger than I imagined. I always pictured your features sallow and weathered from too many late-night shifts. What a relief. 🙂

  59. Bree says:

    Congrats on the book! I can sense the relief from your tone on this entry. 🙂

    You need to get your publisher to put the book in Kindle format though!!!!! I know there are others like me who prefer our Kindles vs the printed book due to font sizes, etc. Take pity on us!

  60. Snark Scribe says:

    I always imagined you as a dark haired, jaded fellow, but you look positively bright in your photo.

    Congrats on the book!

  61. Andrew C. says:

    I imagined you a little taller, but you seem as lite-hearted and kind as you blog posts indicated! Hopefully the unmasking won’t mean the end of your insightful tales. Best of Luck!

  62. Goldie says:

    Since everybody’s sharing their perceptions, I pictured a scrawny, dark-haired guy with receding hair and a drawn, intimidating face… I most certainly did not imagine this kind-faced, younger-looking man! Ah, Steve, why oh why am I already taken? :)) Seriously, congrats on your big day and good luck with the book… It’s my lunch break, so I’m actually going to run out now and buy it. Another fellow blogger makes it big. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us!

  63. bethanythemartian says:

    I always thought of you as one of those really tall lanky dudes, you know? You *do* look a bit like Alton Brown, though.

    Congrats on the book, I’m gonna go nab it up as soon as I can.

  64. Ashley says:

    wow you look nothing like I imagined! Cant wait to read the book.. congrats on it!

  65. Karen says:

    Interesting… The Waiter of my imagination was actually fairly close to reality.

  66. Thomas says:

    My goal today will be to buy your book. You look pretty much what I envisioned.

  67. Mary says:

    You got a 3-minute or so segment this morning on the (Los Angeles)KTLA “Morning News at 9” hour! One of the anchors had a copy of the Post and shared some of the article on-screen.

    I think the segment may be on a video feed later today at http://www.ktla.com (morning news at 9).

  68. the Nurse says:

    Steve, may I call you Steve? I too am shocked at how young and cute you look. Somehow that’s not quite what meant. I mean that you look more like the high school science teacher than the angery waiter with the 1000 yard stare. Please can we get a photo of that?!
    Does your book tour include Charleston SC some of the best eatilng and serving resturants in the country?

  69. Foody says:

    I agree with Stella. We wanna see the ‘Waiter Stare’ 😀

  70. Sara says:

    You know, it’s funny, I don’t think I ever put that much thought into what you looked like. I just find it so satisfying that you have a name now. Steve Dublanica. It rolls well off the tongue. (Unless of course that’s *another* pseudonym!) Congratulations again, and good luck tonight! (Post some pictures if you can!)

  71. Donfield says:

    Congrats on the unveiling, and risking that you’ll never regain anonymity for the rest of your life. 😉 I’m wondering if anyone will have a shock of recognition once they see your picture.

  72. jo says:

    great stuff…after reading forclose to 4 years now, i must say hi. and never been happier to a blogger published.

    will be looking for your book on the shores of Singapore.

    great job!

  73. Dee says:

    Waiter, you are so much more cheerful looking than I expected. I’m with everyone else on this post who thought you would be dark-haired and dour-looking.

    Are you counting up the marriage proposals now? 🙂

  74. Longtime Reader says:

    Well done, Waiter…err, Mr. Dublanica!

  75. lawrie taylor says:

    I am thrilled to see your photo. I expected someone with a more dour, unhappy look, an unhappy byproduct of a strict Catholic education, and am glad, instead, to see you smiling. May your book sell a million copies!!

  76. Abe says:

    Alas, we are still left to wonder about The Bistro.

    Congratulations nonetheless! Well done, Waiter.

  77. Pookha says:

    Pleased to meet you, Steve! The book should be here any minute now.

    Give us some stories of the rollercoaster life of a newly published author (in the vein of your guest blog). BTW, enjoy the ride!

  78. Jahnene says:

    Big congratulations to you, man!! Can’t wait to read the book. 🙂

  79. T says:

    Glad things have turned out good for you, Waiter. I’m reading your book righttt now (got it yesterday, got home from work too late to finish it before bed :[). I’m on page 222!

  80. rockandroller says:

    What a great ride it’s been. Thank you, Waiter! (I mean Steve – geez it’s weird to call you that) I agree with the others, you look deceptively innocent and young – I would have never picked you out of a line up to be Waiter. Congratulations on the book!

  81. Marti says:

    Hey, congratulations on your self-imposed outing! I’m looking forward to reading the book. Please keep blogging; you’re great at it.

  82. berto says:

    your unmasking was worth the wait, waiter. 4.5 years, darn–couldn’t believe i was threading your entries this long!

  83. JDMDad says:

    Big congrats to you! Yours is the first blog that I read on a regular basis and really started to understand what a blog was supposed to be. I’ve always tried to tip nicely when eating out, but became even more conscientious of it after reading you. As others have said, I hope to see a picture of the 1,000 yard stare (is that even able to be photographed, or do you have to be there to fully get it?) And hopefully you’ll share with us your experiences today, and over the next few weeks. I wonder if any of the folks reading the blog have now realized that you were their waiter at The Bistro, or any other place that you’ve worked. Would be interesting to hear about their comments (hopefully positive!)

  84. Kayleigh says:

    Great blog post at Powells. I can’t wait to pick up your book. I just checked my local Borders but they didn’t have it yet. Do you think you’ll do any signings in the Boston area?

  85. Big Sexy says:

    I too imagined you dark and an dour looking! I googled you and you are all over the internet! A Waiterrant movie next? I just realized I pre-ordered the book in Feb, so I’ve been waiting a long time, can’t wait to get it and read it! Thank you for sharing your life with us Waiter Steve. This is a much deserved proud and wonderful day for you! Enjoy! P.S. I still wear my waiterrant tshirt everywhere! Big Hugs from Big Sexy! 🙂

  86. Patti says:

    Hi Steve,
    I just like to say that after reading your blog for so long, I feel like your a part of my family, and I’m so proud of you! 🙂 I hope you will come to the UK (Derby, Derbyshire in the East Midlands) 😉 so I can give you a big hug and thank you for sharing your life with us all.
    Enjoy your many wonderful days ahead of you honey, you deserve them.
    God Bless.
    Patti x

  87. Olivia says:

    Congrats on your book, Steve!

  88. Alison C says:

    Congratulations, Steve!

  89. Shanna says:

    Awww, great picture!! You look awesome!

    Consequently, I stumbled upon the article on StumbleUpon and then was like “Oh crap, that’s today, I gotta go to his website!” So, somebody out there is stumbling for you!

  90. Shanna says:

    Oh! And next time you should bring Buster to the photo shoot! I’m sure he’d love to be in one. 🙂

  91. Chris says:

    huh, I was expecting a taller dark haired person, maybe something close to Adrian Brody. Not what I expected you to look like. Congrats none the less

  92. Lauren says:

    Congratulations, Steve! It’s going to be hard reading your stories and picturing you now.. I always pictured you with really dark hair for some reason! You’re still cute though!
    I can’t wait to read the book.. do you know if it is available in Canada yet??

  93. auto waitron says:

    first off congratz as always Waiter (not gonna call you STEVE lol)!! secondly, Booooooo! for the self reveal. was really thinking you would hold off until the book made the best seller list. now what if its all a big mistake, we all know what ya look like!

    all kidding aside, go knock’em all dead Waiter….. ok, Steve! (thats so boring after all these years, could you legally change your name to Waiter?)

  94. Bob Dobbs says:

    Not what I thought you’d look like at all. I was picking more of a younger, thinner Jon Lovitz, with hair.

    On the other hand, you _do_ look like a seminarian.

  95. Dawn says:

    Just in case you weren’t aware – You and your book were both mentioned and discussed on “The View” this morning. CONGRATS!

  96. nr says:

    Waiter, enjoy your Rock Star status esp. the desperate women throwing themselves at you 😉 lol

  97. zandy says:

    you made it easy brother;) congrats!!

  98. Rachael says:

    Steve- It’s wonderful to meet you! I’ve been reading your blog since I was 17. Can’t wait to buy your book- if you come to DC to sign books or anything, let us know!!!

  99. Mel says:

    Ya know, for some reason I always had you in my head as a John 😛 And I think to myself and the other long time readers, you’ll always be Waiter ^^ Congrats! (just ordered the book cuz the bookstore in my hometown fails and doesn’t have it in stock 🙁 )

  100. Ignatz says:

    Congratulations! I have to admit, I had kind of pictured you looking like Artie Bucco of The Sopranos. Instead, I am pleasantly surprised by a photo of someone I’d really like to share a meal with. And count me in as one who’d like to see a photo of the 1,000 yard stare.

    I hope everything you wished for about this day, and the rest of your life, comes true. And please, don’t stop writing!!!


  101. Dulcy says:

    What a sweet smile you have, Waiter! 🙂 I’m glad you don’t have to hide that anymore. You look much younger and happier than I pictured, which is a good thing.

    I just nipped over to Amazon and bought the book. Can’t wait!

  102. poobomber says:

    You forgot to thank Jesuit Vegetarians in your list. No doubt they made this all possible.

  103. Angie D says:

    I GOT MY COPY OF THE BOOK!!!!! WhooHoo!!! The UPS guy just dropped it off!!! Gee, I wonder what I’ll be doing tonight? Hmmmm… LOL

  104. Shanon says:

    congrats Waiter! What a great article! I’ve followed your blog for over 2 years now and gone back to read every entry I can’t waite to pick up the book this weekend!

  105. Logan says:

    My first comment! I’ve always been a lurker and not the commenting type but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and you deserve all the success.

    Such a fantastic book from an amazing writer.

  106. TheInsaneWaiter` says:

    Once again congrats, I’m placing an order for the book as we speak.

    Somewhere out there a former customer is cussing themselves, and you.

    I bet it feels great, here’s to your success!!!

  107. Angela says:

    Like a million other readers, I thought you’d be more austere and darker…but you sure don’t look 40!

  108. Susan says:

    Congratulations on the book and all of your success with it so far! It’s great to see the face behind the words. I’m not surprised – I guess if you’re doing public appearances, you wanted to control how your image got out, rather than seeing a cell phone picture get out first, right? 🙂 But man, as a New Yorker, I gotta say… in The Post?! Not worthy of your classiness. 🙂

    Wish I could make the book reading tonight, I’m sure it’ll be packed!

  109. Eater says:

    I found myself a bit sad that you decided to lose your anonymity. I felt that seeing a picture of you – and a name now – might detract a bit from your writing. I’m glad to see that the picture of you is as human as your writing. I can hardly wait for your next book, based on your new blog, “Author Rant,” life dealing with the publishing industry.

  110. Drew says:

    Wow, Glad to put a face to that writing. Just got the book in the mail today…Can’t wait to read it. Good luck with all the press!

  111. mykl says:

    i expected someone totally different too. i hope this doesnt ruin the mystique. started reading your book on sunday… what a great read! still love you!

  112. ave says:

    Hi Steve!

    I am just running out the door now to get my copy!!! This is my must have summer read. Its great to put a face to the name (or in this case a face and name to the name) and I hope you continue to write whatever the spirit moves you to write… I have certainly enjoyed your blog!

    Congratulations – and I know you have been busy with media requests, but that is a good thing isn’t it???

  113. Brett L. says:

    Great to “meet” you, Steve. Best of luck with the sudden fame 🙂

  114. BunGirl says:

    If you every get to California, look me up! Your a doll, although I have to admit that I expected thinish build, dark wavy hair…..
    but still a doll!

  115. Dara says:

    Somehow, I always envisioned you as a tall mid-30s guy with a little bit of a pouch. Named…Nicholas, maybe.

    Wow. 😀

  116. Chris says:

    Very excited! I just got notice from Amazon that it was shipping (yes, I pre-ordered).

    Cute picture…

  117. Carroll says:

    Enormous and well-deserved congratulations, Waiter! What a fabulous day for you 🙂

  118. Anny says:

    Congratulations Steve!

    Add me to the group that imagined you dark haired with a more serious look but thinks you’re damn cute!

    I’ll be picking up your book on my lunch break tomorrow, can’t wait to read it! I hope there will be more books to follow no matter what subject they are as I truly enjoy your writing style.

    Most of all, thanks for the wonderful years of great reading here at waiterrant and I look forward to following your written journey wherever it may go!

    All the best

  119. Brian says:

    Congratulations Waiter (Steve sounds so strange after calling you “Waiter” for all these years),

    I’ll be ordering a copy of the book for to be delivered overseas. You have a friend in Rio de Janeiro if you need one.

    My next caipirinha will be raised to you!

  120. nellymom says:

    De-lurking to say congratulations and best wishes for success.

  121. shari ann says:


  122. starr01 says:

    You do look younger than 40; congrats on that! But I would have bet you were named John! I was so sure….

  123. Lana Wood says:

    Hi Steve!

    I hope you enjoy this day, and all the possibilites it brings you.

    I am looking forward to getting my hands on your book this weekend when I am unshackled from my desk, and am thrilled senseless you plan to continue to write in this blog.

  124. Sapph says:

    Well my patient wait for UPS panned out – I had the book in hand by noon and devoured it in a few hours time. It was COMPLETELY worth the wait, Steve! I laughed my tail off when I realized who your “one customer in three years” who recognized you was!!!!! I won’t spoil it for anyone else. LOL There is so much I’d love to say about the book, but I want to give others a chance to read it first. What I will say is that the book was worth every dime and then some. If this doesn’t make it to the top of the best seller list, then someone isn’t paying attention.

    It’s a toss up if “Heaven and Hell” (with the familiar tales) or “Snapshots” was my favorite chapter. And of course as I write that, I think of other parts I loved and want to mention. What can I say? It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a “non-fiction” book this much.

    Thanks for four years of great reads, and an awesome book to add to my bookcase. Well done you.

  125. Sapph says:

    And as an update to the earlier stats – you’ve climbed some 300 places on Amazon in, what, less than 12 hours?

    Amazon.com Sales Rank: #143 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)

    Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)
    #3 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Essays
    #4 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Satire
    #15 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Memoirs


  126. Dolly Iris says:

    After years and years of reading I finally see your face. Congratulations on all of your success!

  127. Shanna says:


  128. Erin MJ says:

    Awww, he’s cuuuute!

    Seriously, you look younger and less menacing than I expected. Perhaps I was picturing a bit more of a Manson vibe, what with all those thousand-yard-stare descriptions. You also look younger than your age. Welcome to the sunlight!

    I ordered your book. I’m really cheap, so be sure to be honored ‘n’ shit (and those of you who aren’t Waiter, pony up and join me!). Best wishes for a long and fruitful career doing whatever you like besides waiting tables.

  129. Jay says:

    I was one of the last people you autographed before you autographed your family’s book. I have to say that you really have a way with words and meeting you in person only emphasized that you handled yourself well as a waiter. I wish you the best of luck.

  130. Bec says:

    Steve buddy, as soon as your book comes out in Australia i’m buying it! atta boy mate!

  131. Jimmy says:

    Glad to see you’re out, even though it does take away from some of the mystery.

    Here is the blog post I put up about it:

  132. Melissa says:

    I got to meet you at the book signing and I just wanted to say “CONGRATULATIONS” once again. And your turn out was terrific. I know you were a bit nervous at first with all the Media, but you handled it brilliantly, you were very approachable and I know everyone had a great time getting to meet you and those close to you. (“Hi Waiter’s Mom, Dad, Godmother, Dentist…etc.)
    The questions were great, and your answers were everything your readers would have thoroughly enjoyed. If any other commenters get to attend a book signing, they’ll really enjoy themselves.
    It was great to get to share your moment and I put the picture of you signing my book on my blog. Thanks again! Terrific! 🙂 And it’s great to know you read EVERY COMMENT AND EMAIL! WOW!

  133. Cristiane Costa says:

    Hi, Mr. Waiter
    We don’t know each other, but I am so proud of you! That’s because I am your brazilian editor. I discovered your book two months ago, found it very, very much interesting, and bought the rights to publish it on Brasil, much before your explosion in the best sellers list. Since that, I’ve been observing your position on Amazon. And today, the day, it’s been wonderfull. So, now I am also proud of myself. What a fine editor I am!!!
    I wish you luck and a lot of success to “our” book.

  134. deena says:

    How many jaws have hit the floor from the cesspool of restaurants you’ve worked in?

  135. Wayne says:

    I have to say- exactly how I pictured you. And very pleased to find that out. I’m going to buy your book as soon as I can. I’m going to try and talk my wife into letting my get it for a early XMas present. But anyways, congratulations!!

  136. Faithful Reader says:

    Let me pile my request for a photo of the (in)famous waiter stare onto the heep of others for the same thing. WE WANT THE STARE! WE WANT THE STARE! Maybe you could do it in exchange for selling X copies of books on Amazon???

  137. ramki says:

    You look much mor normal than I expected… I was expecting someone along the lines of Slim Callaghan 😉

    All the best for the book!

  138. bothenook says:

    excellent. you look pretty much as i’d imagined. went out and bought your book from borders yesterday, where i had to dig it off the “to be shelved” cart. i gave it to my son for his birthday, and had a good time listening to him laugh as he read the first couple of pages. he’s a waiter in the napa valley, and told me i’d better just break down an buy my own copy, because by the time it gets circulated amongst his fellow front of the house types, it will be in too bad of shape to read.
    again, let me echo all the previous posts in congratulating you on your success.

  139. thimbelle says:

    Congrats Waiter/Steve!

    As one who must remain incongnito (at least for a few more years until Twinks is grown) I applaud the mask hitting the floor – and staying there!

    I hope you’ll continue to blog – here or somewhere – as I have thoroughly enjoyed every post, and look forward to reading more from you.

    While I think it would be fun to see the famous “Thousand Yard Stare”, I was quite glad to see how happy you were in the picture. You deserve to have something to smile about, and I hope this time in your life proves to be one of the happiest and most fulfilling yet. 🙂

  140. margalit says:

    Congratulations on finally being unmasked AND in print. Since other people are sharing their impressions of your photo, I have to say that I always pictured you as tall and thin, with sandy hair in a shaggy but elegant haircut, and glasses. I saw you as more sallow, more beaten down, but still with angelic features. I wasn’t that far off!

    I can’t wait to read your book. I’ve been a follower of Waiter Rant for at least 3 years and I’m still wondering where “The Bistro” is. So I can avoid it. 🙂

  141. KQ says:

    congrats waiter! may all good things come your way!

  142. J. says:

    Congratulations waiter! I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  143. Jules says:

    So very nice to meet you Steve, glad you won’t be putting the mask back on! Strongly agree with other “ranter’s” you sure are a handsome guy. Can’t wait for the book,

  144. Paige says:

    CONGRATS!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you! The book is amazing!

  145. Catharine says:

    STEVE! Love of my life! Waiter of my dreams! How fabulous to have a face to go with the voice (in my head, as I read your blog). Welcome to the bright light of day.

    Now do us all a favor and put the Metamucil down before somebody gets hurt.

    (Pleasure to meet you, by the way.)


  146. barb says:

    Congratulations waiter Steve & love your smile. Someone posted that you look a bit like a seminarian & I agree, there is a ministerial or “therapist” look to you. Your smile is so fresh & young, very cute. Asked for your book in Barnes & Noble on the 28th, forgot which day it was coming out. It wasn’t in their computer but I think they might have spelled it wrong. Will be going tomorrow to get it. I usually get books used or at Costco but I want to help you get to the top of the list, & hope you keep blogging! Congrats on the amazon numbers, awesome. Come to Anchorage, please?

  147. Kymagic says:

    Congratulations on everything. It’s nice to finally put a face to a name!

  148. Wave says:

    Nice to meet you Waiter Steve. You’re cuter than I thought you’d be. When you go on your big world book tour (as I’m sure you will eventually) drop us a line in Australia! (We get paid $10-20/hour here, but tipping is always welcomed!)

  149. Kim says:

    Congrats hun! I’m sure you’re relieved that part is over. Although, I wonder how many hits have just been put on your head. Hehe. I’m sure all of your old co-workers are freaking out.

  150. Tucatz says:

    In the words of Strong Bad- Eh! Steve!

    Glad you finally came out, so to speak. Hiding in plain sight for four years must have been a drag.

  151. Rachel says:

    Hi Waiter….err Steve!

    Congrats on your book. I’ve been enjoying your blog for months, and read all the archives…very addictive.

    Good luck with everything…enjoy your success!

  152. Fox says:

    Nice to meet you Waiter! You’re so cute! What a relief! I thought you were going to look all surly like Anthony Bourdain!

  153. Susie says:

    He, you look kind of what I imagined you to look like!

  154. Becs says:

    Cutie! Huggable! Dude, I’ll bet you’ve got dates booked through 2010.

  155. Angie says:

    Man, you do NOT , NOT . NOT look like what I thought you’d look like. You look like a normal congenial and cuddly individual..all around nice guy. I associate thousand yard stares with mugs like Adrian Brody’s or Steve Buscemis…You are way better looking! Don’t let the fame & adultaion get to your head..lol

  156. wendy says:

    congratulations waiter! i can’t wait to get my hands on your book! im still waiting to see the thousand yard waiter stare 😉

  157. Becky says:

    Awesome! I cannot wait to read your book. Very excited for you!

  158. Trackback: hintofsarcasm
  159. Bob says:

    I am shocked, SHOCKED, not to see a single comment from a former colleague denouncing you, expressing shock at your alter ego, or expressing other bitter sentiments. You must be as good a guy as you read to be. Either that, or you are very quick on the ‘delete comment’ key.

  160. calbear says:

    A great read, but it seems telling that neither you nor the Post saw the jarring contradiction in this paragraph:

    And profiling diners based on age, sex and race is still rampant in the industry. “I try not to fall into that trap,” says Dublanica. “I’ve had waiters say to me, ‘this group doesn’t tip well’ – whatever. I don’t believe that. The people who have given me the worst tips of my life have been white Anglo-Saxon males.”

    …but you try not to profile by race or sex! Anyway, I’m sure you were a bit more graceful in your delivery and intent; as someone who’s known both reporters and people who’ve been reported on, I know how often articles get things wrong (by being “close enough”) in making publication deadlines. Sort of like subbing decaf for regular, I suppose…..

  161. jay says:

    you look not so far from what i imagined. you have that catholic choirboy vibe. congratulations on the book!

  162. Metal Rat says:

    Nice to meet you at last! Amazingly, you look rather like what I imagined. Most of the time when you picture someone in your mind before you see them, they’re so different! Must be yet another testament to your gift of descriptive writing. 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for years now, am looking forward to reading the book, and continuing to read whatever you feel like posting about on this site! Best of luck to you in your new ventures and thank you again for sharing your thoughts here with us.

  163. sadianne says:

    You’re a cutie! I thought you would look more cynical or mean or worn down or something.

    I have a feeling your dance card is going to be full in the near future. Congrats on the exciting new chapter in your life, Steve. Best wishes!

  164. P-Girl says:

    Congratulations on your book, I am so happy for you!
    You are ADORABLE!
    All the best,

  165. LauraT says:

    You are soo cute!! You are exactly like I envisioned you!! Have fun! Much good wishes headed your way!

  166. Sadie says:

    Hmmm, I think people are being generous here. The way you write about yourself I was hoping for a bit more George Clooney looking. You are so…average.

  167. Nicky says:

    hey! It’s you! How lovely to finally see your face. Good luck with the book… Steve 🙂

    @Sadie: hmm, trying to spoil someone’s success by putting them down. Got any self esteem issues, love?

  168. Nicky says:

    (PS. Steve, I think you’re cute!)

  169. Christine says:

    Just finished reading your book. It was phenomenal!

    I wanted to say that all the people that thought your writing was not worth anything obviously had no sense for talent.

    Your final chapter really made me understand why you had to leave. And on so many instances(in your blog and your book) I was laughing to the point where tears were forming.

    I am recommending your book to all of my coworkers where I work (as a server) and I want to wish you all the best in your future writing.

  170. KenC says:

    What is meant for you does not go by you.

    All the best on your new journey.

    …. and yes , you are cute !!! ( and I am happily married 🙂

  171. Lei says:

    I was hoping to see your famous ‘thousand yard’ stare…
    but its nice to see the man behind this blog I’ve been following for the last 2 1/2 years or more

  172. Sadie says:

    Nicky – Just telling it like it is. After all, Steve indicated he was groped, hit on, etc. Just expecting more after reading his blog for four years. How about you, are you another fawning sheep?! 🙂

  173. Kim says:

    Congrats! I’ve read this blog for years and truly admire not only what you’ve accomplished with it, but that you’ve managed it on your own terms.
    And yes, you do look much like I have envisioned, very cute 🙂

  174. Moire says:

    Wow, the Waiter finally has a name. Hi Steve! :o)

    I’ve been following your blog religiously for the past three or four years and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am that you’ve found such great success! Haven’t been able to get to the bookstore yet, but I plan to go this weekend. I’m really looking forward to reading your book. You have a wonderful way with words and very sharp insight into humanity as a whole, and I admire you greatly!

    Keep up the fantastic work and I wish you all the best with whatever future endeavors you choose to pursue!

  175. Shieldmaiden96 says:

    Your blog was the very first one I ever read from post 1 to now, and its the one I’ve been reading the longest. I started blogging myself because of you. Thank you for all you’ve written and congratulations on the success and recognition you are getting now– it is well deserved! And you are adorable! 🙂

  176. Jane says:

    It was wonderful to see you there – thank you so much for your appearance! I wish you the very best – and I know that you will be attaining it!

    (I wanted to ask, as long as you’re “outed” – is Buster Buster’s real name?)

  177. Kiz says:

    We can still call you “Waiter”, right?

    And, now that there’s a photo of you up, how about a photo of the 1000-yard waiter stare? Or can that not be captured on film?

  178. sadianne says:

    Methinks Sadie hasn’t gotten any in a very long time. Lighten up sourpuss! 🙂

  179. AG says:

    Nice to finally see who’s behind the mask after all this time. You’re a cutie, Waiter.

  180. Monie says:

    I preordered my book and received it from Amazon today. I have a feeling I’ll be done reading it by tonight. Congrats!!!!

  181. Maddie says:

    Congratulations!! I hope this unmasking brings you even more fun, rewards and adventures (good ones!)

  182. Michael says:

    Waiter, you are ADORABLE. Everyone thinks so, except for sad old Sadie, sitting in the corner all by herself, being very careful not to follow any crowd…mainly because no one will let her. She’s the one with the giant, perma stick up her butt and the bitter, old, puss on her face.

  183. John says:

    Wow…Hi Steve! You don’t fancy doing a book signing in London, do you?

  184. jolly33 says:

    wow, finally! you know, i’ve started reading your blog back in 2005 i think, and i’ve been wondering what kind of person you are in real life. it’s slightly different from what i imagine – you look younger! good luck, steve. hope to see more writings of yours in future!

  185. Anonymous says:

    You look like Dwight Schrute

  186. what? says:

    Don’t judge Sadie! She obviously idolized Waiter too much, so it’s kinda of a shock for her to see that the genius behind Waiterrant is a average-looking human being, after all. (which is not a bad thing at all….as it is, of course, average!)

    Besides, Waiter is more about his blog than his looks.

    It’s great that I finally see the face behind the screen (or is it the face in front of the screen…or behind my screen in front of his screen….whatever!)

  187. Sadie says:

    Methinks Sadianne is a sheep. I am luckily getting it regular – how about you – maybe never? I mad an honest assessment. Do you fall for every guy your friends fall for? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I swear, you act as if he is your husband that you must defend LOL!!!

  188. Sadie says:

    Poor Michael, a sad old Nancy.

  189. Connie says:

    Well, nice to finally see who you are, Steve! It’s going to take a while for me to get used to not calling you Waiter. Congrats on the book, and good luck with your newfound fame!

  190. zatka says:

    Hey Steve, Congrats man!!! You are just the way I imagined you. Not with glasses though… 🙂

  191. Dulcy says:

    Okay, Sadie, here’s an honest assessment: your manners could use a little work.

  192. Caitlin says:

    Congrats on the book!

    I do hope you write a couple “fall-out” posts, as in the reactions you get from some of the assholes who you unmasked in your book. 🙂

  193. Dulcy says:

    I know, me too. I started reading it last night and I’m already enraged on Waiter’s behalf at his having deal with some of these pricks.

    Hey, Waiter, you should tell a certain someone at your first waiting job that you’ll keep him anonomous if he “pays you.” :-DDDD

  194. jess from tx says:

    I just finished the book, it came in the mail yesterday. I loved it. I am 2 weeks away from hanging up my own apron and becoming a high school teacher. It couldn’t have come any faster. The only downer is hurrican Dolly damaged my restaurant/bar and it was closed all last week…what poor timing.

  195. rachel says:

    look at those cheeks

  196. Aeva says:

    I know other people have said this, but you’re cute! X) Really looking forward to the book!

  197. Dave says:

    Your blog is fantastic, cant wait to get me a copy of the book. Well done, ive really enjoyed waiter rant 😀 Keep blogging!

  198. Nikki says:

    You’re not at all what I expected, I wouldn’t say you’re average looking, I’d say worse than that. Also, lately you’ve given off a vibe that you are better than everyone else and that you are too good to wait tables. I’m disappointed.

  199. Kate says:

    I’m one of the few but growing numbers who thinks you look exactly as I pictured you. 🙂

    I can’t wait to get to Borders to get my copy! I hope I can meet you someday to get you to sign it.

    Congratulations on… everything! This must be such a wonderful (but exhausting) time for you.

  200. deborah says:

    I’m kind of disappointed you’ve been unmasked. Without a name you were “Everywaiter”.

    In any case, congratulations on the book. I hope it sells well and you never have to go back to waiting on tables.

  201. The Ghost says:

    i am disappointed, this many comments and no one claiming to recognize you 🙂

    my congratulations again. now to get me a copy 😀

  202. Esse says:

    Congratulations on the book! It would be great to have a Kindle edition. I think many readers would embrace an ebook version.

  203. Allison says:

    I was on vacation in Alaska and had to stop in a bookstore to get some extra reading material for the trip home. I picked up your book (which I had already decided to get but it seemed like the right time). My husband finished his book first and read your book on the way home. First he loved your book and then second told both our kids that neither should be a waiter! Thanks for your book and your blog! I’m currently on the third chapter.

  204. sadianne says:

    Sadie dear, do you need some Midol?

  205. Mark Mascolino says:

    Heard you on the leonard lopate show….great interview….can’t wait to read the book.

  206. Aaron says:

    Just wanted to let you know that a copy of your book is on my way to my doorstep. I hope you make a killing and can retire 😛

  207. Evie says:

    How does it feel now that the mask is off and some even know what you look like?
    Surely that big iron mask is no longer protecting you from everyone? Do you not feel naked now the mask has gone? But look on the bright side, your identity can’t be revealed as it already has been.

  208. Anonymous says:

    Uh oh. Now people are going to be walking into the restaurant (if you still work there at least, recognize you, and start hounding you for an autograph! 😛

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