I’m in a small white building attending a seminar I really don’t want to be at. I think the topic’s religion. When we break for coffee I walk over to the glass wall that makes up the front of the building and look outside. In the distance high atop a hill, a huge Ferris wheel turns slowly in the night sky.

As I’m admiring the sights the Ferris wheel is suddenly consumed by a storm of swirling emerald dust. Then a series of fiery explosions thunder up the opposite sides of the wheel, blasting the passengers out to their deaths. I can’t help but think of 9/11.

With a tremendous roar the wheel detonates like an atom bomb. Debris starts smashing down outside the window and I realize the building I’m in affords no protection. I run outside, see a solid pillar and make a run for it. In my haste I bump into a young man, hurling him across the street headfirst into a brick wall.. “Oh my God,” I think to myself. “I killed that man in my rush to survive.” But the man gets off the sidewalk, brushes himself off and walks away. I could swear he’s smiling.

A huge wave of grey dust and debris starts rocketing down the hill straight towards me. As the maelstrom howls past I cling to the pillar with all my might. I cover my mouth, careful not to breathe in anything that could kill me years later.

When it’s all over I step out from behind the pillar and look around. Buildings are leveled; the streets are strewn with rubble and dying people are everywhere. The hill where the Ferris wheel was is gone. I start crying.

It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in all my life.

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