Hey everybody. I’m flying off to Portland, Oregon tomorrow. Despite the fact that Portland has more strip clubs than any city in the US, I’m not going there to interview exotic dancers. After visiting Las Vegas I’m all “strippered out.” Never thought I’d ever say those words – but it’s true.

I have my interview itinerary mapped out, but if anyone who lives in Portland thinks they have some interesting tipping stories, please drop me an email. Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet for coffee. I will also be swinging by Powell’s Books to sign some stock. It’s not a book signing event, but if you want to get an autographed copy of Waiter Rant, stop by the store after Friday.

I’m looking forward to walking around the “The Pearl” and checking out the local scene. A friend of mine said Portland’s kind of like Willamsburg, Brooklyn writ large. Is that true? At least they’re civilized out there and don’t make you pump your own gas – just like Jersey!

In any case, I’ll be sure to bring an umbrella. If I get time I’ll send dispatches from the road. Wish me a safe flight!

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