Ask the Waiter – Pimp Slap!

Dear Waiter: My girlfriend and I had a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant last night. We had such a wonderful time that we stayed for four hours. The service was good and I tipped the waiter 20%. This morning I felt out of sorts about the tip. Since my girlfriend...

Angry Waiter Video

A reader sent me this video of a waiter flipping his wig on You Tube. Very funny. No way is this kiddie/work safe. Enjoy. And no, the ranting waiter isn’t me – this time.

Ask the Waiter – Tip Creep!

Waiter, I have a tipping question for you. How do you feel about places like Starbucks and chain style sandwich shops putting out tip jars? I remember a time a few years ago when those type of places didn’t have them. I also assume that the folks working there are...

You’ve Got to Love Urban Dictionary!

Just read this. It’s so true. Maybe there’s another name for this vile condition just waiting to be discovered! Should this disorder have a telethon? A donation can at 7-11? Maybe a ribbon? Together we can find a cure!