I’ve been gone a few days getting some R&R. I’ll post a new story tomorrow.

Many readers have written to inform me that the story Aaron Broussard told Tim Russert on Meet the Press, which was the catalyst for my story “The God Who Drowns,” is false. It certainly appears that Broussard lied/embellished his story. However, the old woman in question, along with many other helpless residents, did perish in that nursing home. If I have my facts straight the owners of that nursing home have been charged with negligent homicide.

I, like many people, was caught up in the emotion of Broussard’s story. My reaction to it was an honest one and the story that flowed from it was just as honest. The basic gist of the story, for me, still rings true and I don’t feel it’s necessary to retract it. Many people lost thier lives. Many people are still asking themselves why?

But I am glad readers brought this fact to my attention. It’s always better to know the truth. Thank you.

See you all Friday.

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