It has come to my attention that WaiterRant’s site statistics are less than transparent. To remedy that situation I have decided to make those statistics public. Click on the StatCounter “counter.” Type “reader” into both the username and password fields and your in!

My reasons for doing this are as follows:

1. Many blogs have easily readable site statistics. Why not mine?

2. I want to give a big shout out to the team at StatCounter for making, what I think, is a superior product.

3. Many people link to WaiterRant and I can’t always reciprocate in kind. However, with StatCounter, if you go to the “Came From” page you can see all the great blogs that have referred to me. Please visit them in return.

If any one cares – my counter is set to record a unique visitor at 6 hour intervals. That means you can come to WaiterRant a hundred times in a day but the software will only register you as a unique visitor four times. Interesting huh? Yawn!

If anyone knows how to go straight to the site stats without typing in a password and user name let me know! I am a newbie with this stuff so bear with me!

Pray for me. Mother’s Day is coming.

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