A reporter from a foodie magazine wrote and asked, “How can a customer get the waitstaff to remember his/her name? Are there particularly nice ways a customer can go about making sure to get personal service, or get a reservation the next time around?”

My answer:

Dear Reporter:

Well there are many factors that would lead a waiter to remember a patron’s name.

Being a good tipper ๐Ÿ™‚

Being a bad tipper ๐Ÿ™

Unfortunately here are some other reasons why I remember a customer’s name

1. Customer’s a drunk

2. Customer stiffed me on the entire bill

3. Customer physically abusive to spouse/kids

4. Customer vomited on me or table

5. Customer/s had sex in bathroom and broke sink (Happened swear to God in a friend’s place)

6. Customer overdosed in bathroom had we had to call the ambulance

7. Customer tells me at dessert she wants to commit suicide. That was fun!

8. Customer gets into fistfight with another customer. Yo ref!

9, Customer is an insufferable asshole.

Some good reasons to remember a customer’s name

1. Customer is cute and gives you her/his number

2. Customer remembers my name and repeats theirs in case I forgot (I see so many people it’s hard to keep track. I remember faces)

3. Customer writes owner and tells him/her what a great waiter I am.

4, Customer requests me as their exclusive server

5. Customers asks non invasive but polite questions (How are you, how’s your dog?)

6. If customer comes just before closing they’re aware we need to close and skip dessert.

7. Customer says hi to you on the street and doesn’t treat you like the help.

8. Customer is polite

9. Did I mention they leave a big tip?

10. Customer remembers you at Christmas $$$$

11. Customer tells all her/his friends what a great waiter you are and has their friends request you as a server.

Those people I remember. Hope this helps. Good luck with your article! ๐Ÿ™‚


I threw this into the blog because so many people are screaming at me to post something. Actually I post once or twice a week. This is not a daily blog. Look for a new story over the weekend. Thanks again for all your kind emails!

If you have a question email me directly. Many of you don’t leave a valid email address in the comments section. I respond to all emails. At least right now!

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