I like to link to waiter oriented websites that I find funny or interesting. When I provide a link I write the proprietor of that website, tell them about the link, and ask of they would link to my site in return. Just a couple of bloggers trying to increase traffic at each others sites. It’s a “you scratch my back I scratch yours” kinda deal.

Well today someone tried to scratch my eyes out. Check out this little email correspondence:

11/29/04— Waiter wrote:

Dear idespisemyjob.com:

Loved your site and linked to it on mine – www.waiterrant.blogspot.com

Check my site out. IF you feel it has merit you may want to list it on your links page.

I hate my job


Nice and simple right? Well here is the reply:


Dear waiter,

Thanks for the compliment. I mulled over how I could decline your invitation without sounding offensive, and my best bet is simply by telling you the truth.

Did you read my site? I had one horrible boss who was always masturbating to porn in his office, accidentally leaving his door open for me to see everything.

I read your site. Your references to porn, saving up images in your head for future sessions, etc., offended me and are exactly what I hate about being an attractive woman who works with men. Everyone who frequents my site knows this.

No offense. It is just the truth. You and everyone else can say whatever the heck you like on the Internet. It is your site. However, I won’t be linking to you unless you have some kind of emotional awakening about the harm caused by pornography to the male (and female) psyche. Not likely, I know, but drop me a line if that happens. And good luck finding another long-term romantic relationship. That is not a bitchy statement; I am being sincere.

Take care, waiter. I am sorry to not help another server, but my gut churned over this one. I just can’t do it.


Oh boy. Someone’s running low on Prozac.

Jen, whatever opinions you have about pornography are yours and that’s ok. Mentioning, however, you are an attractive woman in your email makes me suspect you harbor an inflated opinion about your own appearance. Those secure in their self image don’t need to flaunt it.

You are a really pissed off chick. The crack about my love life was gratuitous and cruel. You not only despise your job – you probably despise yourself. Get some therapy or ask the doctor to increase the dosage. Hey – I’m just being sincere.

Hey if you like my site you like it. If you don’t you don’t. I will keep the link for idespisemyjob.com up. Why?

‘Cause I’m not an asshole.

Now I feel better.

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