Waiter Rant is ten years old today. If you told me when I wrote that
first post that it would lead to book deals, the NYT Bestseller List, Oprah, The Today Show and hundreds of radio and print interviews I would have said you were suffering from cocaine induced psychosis. But that’s indeed what happened. Life is wondrous and strange.

So much has happened to me in those ten years. I owe the faithful readers of this blog more thanks than mere words can express. Of course, my agent Farley Chase has to be singled out for his perseverance and optimism as well as the good folks at Harper Collins. And I would be remiss if I did not thank my wife Annie for her faith and unwavering support. I love you, darling.

As a new husband and father, I look forward to what the next ten years will bring. I hope you’ll continue reading this blog as my life enters a new phase.

My sincerest gratitude to everyone!

19 thoughts on “Decade”

  1. Susan says:

    Congratulations on ten years and the recognition you deserve. 🙂 Looking forward to ten more, perhaps?

  2. Zepa says:

    Hello! Congrats, thanks, and greetings from Finland! I have been reading your blog all ten years.

  3. Karen says:

    I started reading your book on your 10th rant anniversary. Love it!

  4. DABCT says:

    I’m glad you are still wriing it. I started reading as an ex waiter but enjoy it just as much in it’s new form.

    Thanks for keeping it going.

  5. Phil Parker says:

    Noooo. I can’t have been reading your blog for ten years. I think you made a misatek – it can surely be only two, three at the outside. If you’re right then I’m getting old…

  6. Janet says:

    Yes!!! BRAVO, Waiter!!!! I am so damn lucky to have been with you all the way. I wholeheartedly thank you for ALL of your insights on life. You continue to blow me away. Never stop writing!

  7. Dennis says:

    Father Rant is on it’s way…..looking forward to it! Enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up Steve. ….and thanks!

  8. Robert Dobbs says:

    A toast to longevity and to your many tomorrows. As your life has changed, so has the blog and it’s interesting to monitor both of you.

    I remember a post you wrote years ago: meeting a young woman, a former co-worker who’d grown in life and opportunity and evinced a certain unconscious dismay that you were “still at the cafe;” were stuck in life, going nowhere from her point of view.

    If only she now knew. But I think that those of us here always knew.

  9. Moses says:

    Your site made me do math. Bad waiter. I stumbled on to your blog a week or so ago, and since my job is a hurry up and wait type deal, I just got to this point. Thanks for writing, I’ve enjoyed reading it. Enjoy your child, and I especially liked, and believe, “Nobody fucks with us.” Damn skippy.

  10. Demented Girl says:

    Have been with you from the start Steve though (under a different alias though!). Wonder – as a psych professional – if you’d consider sharing the love and linking to my new site…?

  11. Jots Dots says:

    Wow 10 Years. That is a great adventure. Epic milestone. I recalled how I first stumbled upon your blog when you first started it.
    I was a fresh grad. worked as a waitress before & was working in graveyard shift as an IT Support Engineer. Your blog kept me amused, cry in delight, pain & winched in horrors, kept me from turning into a zombie.

    Thank you for showing me part of your life 🙂
    Congrats to all your new episodes too..

  12. Eeva says:

    Cool blog, you are a good writer what i can´t say about all bloggers sadly…
    Congratulations from Estonia 🙂 !
    I have read your blog all 10 years too…

  13. Carroll says:

    Very belated congratulations, Steve. I remember back to before you let yourself be identified, and I’d been reading for a very long time before that happened. Not sure I got in at the very beginning, but for sure I went back and read it all after I got well and truly hooked. You’ve always kept it classy, and I am sincerely happy for your success and your own current happiness in life. Long may it continue!

  14. Rachel says:

    Many congratulations to you Waiter! You continue to inspire- always!

  15. Shyanne says:

    Congratulation on being a new husband and father i wish you luck and you deserve all the recognization you’re an amazing writer

  16. Annie Yoshida says:

    I just read “Waiter Rant” and wondered onto your blog. Enjoyed the book. I would like to suggest two changes: remove first two chapters (mostly about how you became a waiter) and add two chapters at the end. As someone who eats out a lot and have plenty of friends in the restaurant business, my attraction to the book was the title and expecting to jump right in to waiter stories. Then at the end, although 10 years ago it finished at the right spot, it left me wondering what happened to you… did you find someone??? I think you should write a revised edition for the 10th anniversary.

  17. Michelle S says:

    A belated Congratulations on 10 years.I’m not even sure how I even stumbled upon your blog…but I did enjoy it and it was fun to ride along with you. Alas, real life had taken over and I quit reading a lot of what I used to read. Glad to hear you are doing well and living a happy life!

  18. Topochicho says:

    I have no idea when I started reading your blog, I can’t remember for sure but I believe it was in the first year or 2, well before your first book. Your blog, and Clublife, helped me occasionally relax & take a break from the insane stress levels at my job at for long enough to get my brain reset and functioning again. Thank you.

    My stress & my stress handling has changed, so I don’t check in very often these days, but I am very glad to hear that your oft read about relationship has gotten formal, and even more, that you have child on the way.
    Congrats on all of it, the blog, the baby, the wife.
    And please, take care of yourself, at least for my sake if no other reason, I am too young to have another favorite blogger, who is also younger than me, kick the bucket.

  19. Sorcha says:

    How hilarious! Having a vodka-tonic surfing the internet after a night of serving at a hellish space-themed restaurant; Google search: restaurant treats me like shit-

    This blog is the 4th or 5th link that surfaced, started reading your most recent post about 2 hours ago. Hahah.

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