13 thoughts on “And People Think I Make This Stuff Up”

  1. JSC says:

    Saw some stuff on this elsewhere. They avoided a public lewdness charge becuz no one wanted to talk about it? Yikes!

  2. El zopilote says:

    And there was the lady who potty trained her
    kids in a Utah restaurant.

    As our population increases, there is an increase
    in nutjobs.

  3. kathee says:

    yup. seen stuff like this before. young woman’s head bobbing up and down in her boyfriend’s lap at bar. almost 30 years ago. some crap never changes. sigh.

  4. Andy says:

    …And The Bloggies Award for shortest blog ever goes to…

  5. Carroll says:

    Stay safe in the storm this week, Waiter!!

    (Also, Andy’s comment — guffaw!)

  6. thatgirl says:

    Hope you and your family are okay, sir.

  7. Sandra says:

    Hope you survived the storm!

    1. guru says:

      All is well with me. Thank you!

  8. Bob Dobbs says:

    Good. Stay warm.

  9. Diego says:

    I’m sooo glad someone else has seen this kind of thing. I saw this stuff happening during a dinner show in California. It was happening under the table, not on top of it, but still …?

  10. Simon Calls says:

    Oh my goodness! Those poor employees should check out culintro.com and scroll through the job board!!

  11. Alissa Banks says:

    I have been involved with catering fort worth tx and I feel people are more extreme in the comfort of their own homes! I have had so many stories!

  12. Rusty Monson says:

    I have seen people this drunk before. I worked as a bouncer at a night club and we had a similar incident. Not this gratuitous though. It was in the bathroom hallway.

    I say no tip was required as this will be a story they will tell their grandchildren.

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