Waiter Rant Radio!

Regina Brett of Cleveland’s 90.3 WCPN had me as a guest on her show The Sound of Ideas this morning.If want to tune in, click here!

25 thoughts on “Waiter Rant Radio!”

  1. Brett L. says:

    Cool! Good interview, Steve!

  2. lalalovie says:

    i bought your book for my step mom for Christmas!!!!

  3. lechefshelly says:

    I just finished your book last week and it totally rocked! I now consider myself the tip teacher in my area. I’ve even done the “sneak back to the table” tip a few times to correct someone else mistake. I wish you the best of luck with your next book. It’s been a blast reading you all these years.



  5. Suzanne says:

    Waiter Rant Radio…

    Say that 10 times real fast!

  6. vsb says:

    i heard the ad for this last night and got very excited 🙂

  7. mary cuevas says:

    hi waiter,
    i tried to listen to your radio interview, but when i right clicked for audio, i got an error message from mozilla firefox.(:

    i am sure you, your agent, your lit publishers, pr peeps, and the production company for the tv series have thought of this, but man i really see you doing a series of doc type films. your book on doorman tipping, i can completely see as a doc.:) sort of michael moore meets jon stewart type doc.

    i see it in four cities: nyc, wash. d.c., chicago, and LA or SF.:) in nyc, i’d love to see you rapping to doormmen at the dakota building where john lennon lived. and other famous buildings. and if the chelsea had or has a doorman, that’d make a great interview from all the history there.

    for d.c., get a building where maybe senators have apts, lobbyists, etc. lets see how cheap they are.

    for chicago…don’t know. for LA, interview doormen in bh as we call beverly hills out here on the west coast.:) and of course i want you to interview my old doorwoman joan because she is a character like no other. i actually wrote her into a short story.:) changed her name of course.

    i have dabbled in a little doc filmmaking is why i see this as a doc film.:)

    anyway, i am learning more and more about blogging. and from now on i will keep my comments short. promise and also heard i will be considered a blogwhore for putting my blog address below my name.(: sorry about that. but man folks who read your blog have come over to visit my little blog. cool. and thanks.:)

    saw ariana huffington on “the daily show” promoting her new huffington post book on how to blog. it is supposed to teach us how to blog. so will buy it this weekend.:) and for other bloggers out there, you can probably watch her interview on line. and one thing she said was to blog your passion. and to consider it like writing a sort of email to friends.:)

  8. mccn says:

    Yay! I’m from Cleveland! (“I come from Cleveland, cause that’s where I’m from. . .”)

  9. Catherine says:

    Since my sister works for Borders and is buying everyone books for Christmas, Your book and the Post Secret books are on my list. And I’m sure I’ll get both 🙂

  10. Thomas says:

    I can’t get the streaming on the site to work. It’s probably my fault since I use Ubuntu rather than windows. Streaming media has been iffy for me since the last update.

    Are they going to post the segment as an mp3?

    Glad to see that the book is doing well and that you’re getting to enjoy some laurels.

  11. Julie says:

    Great interview. Of course I miss eating out now as I can’t always afford to tip 20% and my husband absolutely refuses not to now that we read the book. Sigh. But he is doing the cooking so I can live, LOL

  12. Anonymous says:

    Brings back memories. Just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it!

  13. maryam in marrakesh says:

    ooh how very fun. Congrats!
    I am hoping to get inspired by your blog. As a blogger, I am writing a book for Artisan Books and need tips (ahem, not of the tip jar variety).

  14. hmmm says:

    notice your commenters have been steadily declining in numbers since your outing..?

  15. jay says:

    Great interview, Waiter. You seem to be doing pretty well keeping in the public eye.

    Are you going to write any more fiction? The past few years, I’ve really dug those loose fiction detective style ones you came up with.

  16. Waiterrant Fan says:

    Hey Steve
    Just a quick note to let you know that your Oprah appearance was just shown on Australian tv today.
    Now you truly are a global media phenomenon

  17. FeRHaD says:

    Congratulations, Good interview. 🙂

  18. Emtec says:

    Прелесть! Я тоже мечтаю) Возьму – и сделаю… У меня получится. Спасибо, очень глубокая и позитивная статья.

  19. Paul Paz says:

    Waiters & Tips in This Recession 2008-09 – FROM HAROLD FISHER – WHUR-FM – WASHINGTON D.C.

    Thanks Harold….

    I’m forwarding this to three restaurant web groups, two of which are exclusively for waiters internationally I’m delighted that Steve Dublanica, author of “Waiters Rant”, was available for your show this evening.

    I followed your note below about the “WHUR-FM” link (in the upper right hand with the gold color highlights). The “WHUR-FM” live broadcast link I found at: http://www.broadcasturban.net/urbanac/whur.htm .

    As you mentioned, the radio broadcast will happen from 7:30PM tonight 12/18/08 out of Washington D.C.
    I look foreword to listening to your show tonight!


    Paul C. Paz

  20. Biztone says:

    I just got a gift card to a local book store (not one of the box giants, thank God) and think you’re book is on my hit list. Thanks waiter!

  21. Арнольд says:

    Это, безусловно, важно, однако на мой взгляд гораздо важнее не это. Ведь существует немало примеров..

  22. Evraziatur says:

    Огромное спасибо автору, за невероятно полезную и познавательную информацию! Занес ваш сайт к себе в букмарки!

  23. Sema 06 says:

    Congratulations, Good interview.

  24. Man says:

    Thank you for post!

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