Guest Blogger!

I will be the guest blogger for Powell’s Books this week. You can catch my daily missives by going here.

Don’t forget, I’ll be at Borders Books at the Time Warner Center in Manhattan at 7:00PM for a book signing and Q&A. I hope some of my readers will stop by and say hello!

Also, be sure to pick up a copy of tomorrow’s NY Post! (Hint Hint)

The big day is tomorrow. After years of waiting it’s finally here. Unbelievable!

38 thoughts on “Guest Blogger!”

  1. Bob Dobbs says:

    “On a good day the camera makes me look like a constipated man on his way to the gallows.”

    Lordy, that’s an image! Nice post, even if it’s somewhere else.

  2. lulu says:

    good luck 🙂

  3. Aïda says:

    Just wanted to let you know that Amazon sent my copy today. It’s on its way to the Netherlands and I just can’t wait!!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Good luck Waiter! I have been reading your blog for over 3 years now, a fellow server introduced me to it. Your posts always help me get ready for my shift, to realize all the crazy things do not only happen in my section.

    Congrats on leaving the biz. It is time for the world to see what a talented writer you are.

  5. Sara says:

    Wow Waiter, good luck. I’m looking forward to you publicly receiving all the praise and recognition you deserve. I’m glad you’re doing the reveal on your own terms, too.

  6. kcbelles says:

    Good luck, Waiter – I hope this experience is going to be everything you want it to be? Any plans on visiting the Seattle area to do any book signing?

  7. Bumper says:

    So when is the movie coming out and who is playing you?

    Hopefully someone will YouTube the Borders signing for the rest of us.

    Good Luck and sell a Bunch o’ Books

  8. auto waitron says:

    big congratz, sorry i didnt preorder a copy but i will be in line first thing in the morning….. before my shift ofcourse!

  9. jnf says:

    Amazon shipped my order today!! Finally!

    Many many congrats and best wishes!

  10. barb says:

    Wow, dude, congratulations, I will be buying your book locally in Anchorage. You deserve this, I hope the book really sells a lot. Any chance of coming to Anchorage? There is a big service industry here due to tourism. I bet if people know about your book they will get it. I hope our local paper reviews it.

  11. L says:

    I saw the book at Borders (in SF) since last week already. You mean other cities didn’t release it yet?

  12. Xavier says:

    Hey waiter, are you scheduled to be on the Leonard Lopate show tomorrow? I hope so. Waiting for the book from Amazon.

  13. WellDoneFillet says:

    I’m excited for you! Best of luck!

  14. Aussie Ben says:

    Amazon shipped mine today, although I’ll probably have to wait at least two weeks before it arrives.

    Funny thing is, when I order stuff from it usually only takes a few days…

    Can’t wait for it though!

  15. WaiterRant Reader says:

    Hey Waiter, you shouldn’t mention Amazon on’s web site!

    Good luck with the release.

  16. Cloro says:

    I am so tickled for you; your success is well deserved. Here’s hoping that a NY Bestseller List is forthcoming with Confessions prominently displayed!

  17. Shanna says:

    Everything will work out wonderfully! If not, you’ll still have a fan in me! See you tomorrow 🙂

  18. FLG says:

    Dude, does Oprah still do her bookclub? Now that would be crazy. 😀

    Continued good luck.

  19. Vegas Princess says:

    Good Luck! I have enjoyed your blog so much over the years and will be there first thing tomorrow to pick up your book. Will you have some sort of system set up if we mail you our copy with a self-addressed envelope included you will sign them and then send it back? I would love to have an autographed copy. 🙂

  20. LEgirl says:

    Looking forward to reading the book. Congratulations on that, so cool!
    But “aggravated Foodies can be just as bad as Al Qaeda” isn’t funny. Not a bit.

  21. Arden says:

    Incidentally, I pre-ordered your book from Powell’s, though if it’s not done I’m sending it back and going to Barnes & Noble. 😉 Can’t wait to read it.

  22. Zayrina says:

    My book is on the way. Please feel free to drop by and autograph it. 🙂

  23. ORenyRen says:

    That was a terrible pun! (waiting)

    But congratulations!

  24. paskyhawk says:

    Good luck, buying the book Tue

  25. Dr. Electro says:

    Come to Albuquerque! I’ll buy your book in person and beg like a puppy for an autograph!

    Have fun at Borders!!

  26. mr lim says:

    Any chance you’ll make it an international book tour? (crossing fingers)

  27. P says:

    OMG, I just saw the NY Post article. You look exactly like I had always imagined. So ex-seminarian!

  28. Dora says:

    Wanted to say “Congratulations!!!”

    I remember the exhiliration and what it was like for me to realize my own dream and goal and there’s nothing like that feeling.

    I hope it’s everything you want it to be 🙂

  29. Waiter says:

    “So ex-seminarian!”

    Yes, it’s the paunch coupled with the young republican haircut!

  30. mur says:

    I GOT THE BOOK!! My Amazon order arrived in yesterday’s mail. I’ve read the first chapter, and am already engrossed.

    Great job, waiter. Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment!

  31. kelliebrat says:

    I am so THRILLED and proud of you Waiter! I’ve been reading your blog since ’05. You have always made me laugh when I can completely relate to what I’m reading, cry when you’ve touched my heart, and had me amazed more than I can count. CONGRATS dear Waiter on your success! LOVE YA

  32. garricks says:

    Waiter, I got confirmation that my copy shipped from Amazon Sunday. Checking the mail every 5 minutes!! I can’t wait!

  33. sadie says:

    I’m a bookseller in PDX and I’m reading a comp I snagged from my sales rep. There is sooo much of this book that I love! As a kid (albeit, now 40 🙂 of a former high end waitress, much of the stories shared are familiar. Thank you so much for sharing this book! I hope it does wonderfully well! I’m lov-ink it! Mazel tov! Keep up the good work. And I hope that Caesar, if he’s still living, sees this book. F*cker! He deserves to see his profile in print! Wha hahah!
    Best of luck!!!

  34. Portlander says:

    Why don’t you have a link to Seems weird that you’re guest blogging, but not putting a Powell’s Books link up there with Barnes & Noble and Amazon. (They have an affiliate program like Amazon’s, you know.) You talk about supporting people who serve us our food, why not support independent businesses that are selling your book? Maybe it’s just an oversight… Here’s hoping…

  35. Portlander says:

    P.S. I do appreciate the link where people can find local indie booksellers. Sorry for the little rant…

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