As many of you know, Waiter Rant has been a mess since November of 2006. After an upgrade to the blogging software that runs this site, posts went missing, months of archived material were lost, and the character formatting was jumbled to the point where many of my stories were unreadable. It was an unfortunate situation.

Since I’ve been spending so much time and energy writing my book, I have been unable to give this site the attention it needs. I let the site go downhill. I apologize. I will no longer permit that situation continue.

I have spent the past two days replacing every broken post. It wasn’t easy. Well over a hundred posts were missing from the Waiter Rant database. (I think I found all of them, but there might be a few floating out there unclaimed.) It was an effort but thank goodness for iPods, coffee, Johnny Walker Red, and microwavable meals.

Unfortunately the software that runs Waiter Rant is buggy. Posts have a tendency to disappear. I don’t know why this happens. Neither does the company that hosts this site. I trust that after all the work that I put into restoring these posts that they will make their best effort to keep the database from disintegrating again. If readers notice the site starting to fray, please let me know. I have also made a better back up of my posts.

I anticipate finishing my book in two weeks. I have completed my edits and am turning my attention to all the little fixes a book needs before it’s submitted for publication. (The two days I spent fixing this site was a good break!) I have to be honest – I probably won’t be prolific with posting until the writing process is finally complete. But after that I’ll get back to it more faithfully. Look through the archives. Look through 2005 and especially 2006. There might be stories you have missed!

One thought on “Restoration”

  1. Brad says:


    I’ve been reading your blog at work starting late last week. It started off with a quick peek at an entry between accounts. Now with deadline having passed, I’m finding myself reading more and more.

    Here I am now, in September 2007, rapidly approaching the present, and already I know I’ll be jonesing for more once I reach the end.

    I can’t stop. I’m a blog junkie thanks to you. I haven’t checked any of the other blogs you’ve listed, because if they’re half as good as this one I’m going to spend way more time reading, and not nearly enough time selling.

    You’re going to get me fired Waiter.

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