No More Bistro

I am no longer working at The Bistro.

Ever since the book deal was announced in August I felt my time at The Bistro was limited. To be honest, I was getting sick of the place and they were getting sick of me. My stress levels were going through the roof and my patience was running out.� Besides, after almost seven years, it was time for a change.

My last day was several weeks ago. I decided not to write about it on my blog for my own well being. I needed to give myself some space. My last day was full of anger and bitterness. It took a while to get my mind around what I was feeling. I needed time to put my emotions into perspective. As each day passes I realize no longer working at The Bistro is a good thing.

Waiter Rant will continue. I will get a restaurant job somewhere else. I will continue to blog about the food service industry.� Come to think of it, it’ll be interesting to write about being the new guy at another restaurant. In the meantime I’m busy writing my book. That consumes a lot of time and energy.

I want to extend my sincerest Holiday Wishes to my former waiter colleagues. To the bus people and the kitchen staff you guys are the best! Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo!

I want to thank all the readers who made Waiter Rant such a success in 2006. Without you guys none of the good fortune I experienced this year would have happened. Thanks for reading and letting me share my stories with you.�

Now I’m going to enjoy Christmas and New Years as a civilian for the first time since 1999! That’s gonna feel so weird!

Merry Christmas everyone.

I’ll be back soon.

9 thoughts on “No More Bistro”

  1. Hanson says:

    Wow, I totally didn’t expect this! Good luck finding a good place to work!

  2. Chef Green says:

    This is two years late, but OH MY GOD lol. What is to become of my Waiter? haha

  3. leithold says:

    woah. i was wondering when i’d reach the post about your resignation with the bistro. good thing your posts did not end with this. on to the next post!!

  4. Grace says:



  5. Salan says:

    Woah…. Wish could know about the last day but its not a soap opera its real life so you are entitled to privacy

  6. Eleutheria says:

    I’m reading through your site after having read your first book.

    Allow me to translate that paragraph of simplified Chinese up there:

    Please allow me to use the language of my country to express my thoughts, as a Chinese, after reading this book! I spent two days, basically six hours in total, to finish it. I love this book too much. Dear STVEN, I am eagerly waiting for your next book – see, your book has traveled to faraway China. I hope you will visit the Shanghai Expo. If you come, I hope to meet you. When I finished your book I immediately sent a note to a friend, hoping he can adapt it into a script for a play. I really like the stories you write. They are full of feeling but never overdo it. (I’m sorry, if you still read comments on your blog, you will need to find a translator, haha, even though my English is passable)

    A reader from China

    I borrowed your book from a HK library; I’ll buy your tips book from Amazon.

  7. KimmyB says:


    I just found your blog two days ago and my disabled, home-bound, serious-reader-ass has spent the last couple days reading your posts starting from day one. This is the first time I have commented, since I thought it odd to post on posts from ’04. lol

    But I was shocked into speech! Luckily, I can see your blog continued, but I was knocked out of my chair by this news. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and can’t wait to continue.

  8. Anthony Morrison says:

    Im a head chef at a hotel in Scotland, after ready kitchen confidential and related to most of it i though i would give your book a try to see it from the other side, its brilliant a great read and i can relate to most of it great stuff

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