Another angry waiter

While perusing the net I stumbled across this waiter’s site. Some more tips on how not to behave in a restaurant.


4 thoughts on “Another angry waiter”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I hearby post that Robert S. Jacobs of New York City is a terrible patrons and his wife looks like Michael Jackson with a bad haricut and a lazy eye. They will rearrange your menu, bring their own wine (and not even a good wine at that) tell you what’s on your menu, say things in Italian to impress God knows who and leave… wait for it… no tip.

    The only thing I am thankful of is that they will never come back. Again, that’s Robert S. Jacobs

  2. Brittany says:

    You tell him!
    What an asshole

  3. Ross Galbraith says:


  4. laurens says:

    Since when did so many people become experts in the restaurant business these dickheads and their ignorant comments are all over the internet

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