The Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Hi everybody. I’m not dead. But I’ve been very busy wrapping up my next book and that’s been consuming ALL my time.  When it’s all over I’ll probably go to a desert island where they’ve never heard of tipping and sleep for two weeks. By the way the title of the book is going to be Keep the Change. It should come out just before Christmas.

This blog will never go away and I appreciate that so many people continue to check in. I apologize for the scarcity of posts but I have a living to make. But when the smoke clears I’ll be back. And I think this blog will evolve into something else. We’ll see.

Be well everyone.

Oh, and here’s a cool website for you to check out!

Las Vegas Cabbie Chronicles (Get cracking my man!)

28 thoughts on “The Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated”

  1. savannah says:

    all the best to you, sugar! i’ll continue to read whatever you write! xoxo

  2. nunya says:

    Looking forward to the next book 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update. Can’t wait for the next book! Good luck.

  4. Jane Doesnot says:

    Good luck on the new book, but I’m afraid with the end of the second book you officially go from being a waiter to being an author.

    Maybe then you can go back to tables and tell stories of your writing days, who knows?

  5. aveart says:

    I knew my patience would be rewarded with a book…I look forward to it!

  6. cat says:

    good to hear from you and best success to your book, looking forward to more posts.

  7. el jefe says:

    thanks for the blog recommendation…the problem with so many of the blogs i get into is that they get these damn book deals and then stop blogging…then i end up constantly checking blogs that no longer update on the regular…time and time again this has happened.

    you got any other recommendations for blogs you like? i am a big fan of the madcabby in DC and cabs are for kissing (as long as we are talking about cabby blogs), but these are both updated about 5 times a year these days (and they didnt even get the book deals!)

  8. cloudia says:

    Looking forward to this blog’s evolution. I’m sure it will be absorbing…

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  9. Zonadow says:

    Whoo! A title for the new book! I’ll definitely be ordering it, even going as far as pre-ordering it! I’ve only read half of Waiter Rant so far and I’ve become a big fan of yours and I’m glad you’re coming out with another book. You’re a wonderful writer.

  10. Waiterrant Fan says:

    Steve – if you’re looking for a desert island where tipping has never been heard of let me suggest somewhere = Australia!
    We’d love you to swing Down-Under for a holiday!

  11. blueoreogn says:

    Good Luck with the new book, Waiter. The S.F. Examiner used to have a column called, “The Night Cabbie” it was pretty good.

  12. phrank says:

    LVCC is a blog full of great stories, but the author doesn’t post enough. He’ll go 6 months between posts, and I can’t handle that so I don’t bother to read it anymore. I don’t suggest modeling your blog after his.

  13. Pat Temiz says:

    I was in Syria when I read your post on the death of Robert Parker of whom my partner and I have always been fans. We wouldn’t have known about his demise but for your post – and we raised a beer and toasted him that night. Internet access in Syria is crap – I could read your blog but not comment – so only now we are home in southern Turkey can I write this comment and thank you.

  14. Jennifer says:

    Do you know I just realized (again) that your name was Steve only when I finished your book? LOL. Finding Waiter Rant was like finding all the other yellow bumblebees in the No Rain video! I’ve been in the industry off and on for 18 years, and no-one ever understood what my life was like. You Get It! I cracked up laughing so hard with your witt matched only by myself! Steve this book was the best book I ever Read! Being a waiter brings out the most juvenile behavior. I have seen people literally reach their breaking point in this profession while other people are just stepping over the body. I have never worked in a harder job with less respect in my life, (and I have 3 kids!) Steve, don’t just write another book…continue the Saga!

  15. kcbelles says:

    Congrats, Steve – nice to read a date for your new book (even if it is 10 months away! lol)

    I know you’re not waiting tables anymore, but I cannot recall if you’ve shared what it is that you are doing these days. Care to tell us?

  16. Chris says:

    Come to Singapore. There’s no tipping and we’re an island, though hardly deserted
    They are plenty of fake beaches with real palm trees and fake sand.
    And they sell your book at major book stores (though I only found this out AFTER I got my copy from Amazon)

  17. Barone says:

    My husband and I enjoy your posts! We have both worked in this industry for too long. Your book/blogs are a breath of fresh air into our lives. Thank you. We look forward to the next book. Cheers!

  18. xkitchenstaff says:

    Best O’ luck

  19. Bree says:

    Can’t wait for your next book! It’s already on my Christmas Wishlist! 🙂

    Btw, who said you were dead? Just thought you were busy with your writing on the new book. You can’t be on the net all the time. Like you were saying, you do have to make a living!

  20. Jan in chesterfield says:

    I contine to check in with you just to see if there is a new post. Loved your book and I will look forward to the new book. Glad good things are happening for you.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Best of luck with the new book!

  22. Jennifer says:

    Just an FYI, I took my client out to eat yesterday (she’s 96. I can only imagine what they were thinking when we walked in. You take them, no you, I had a table of kids…I’m done)After she took 35 minutes JUST To place her order, I tipped him $30 on $30 before we even got our food, before I put back on my vail of shame. I told them to serve her food in a to-go container and managed to get out of there in 2 hours! Before anybody feels sorry for her, She berrated me the whole time with insults, until she got her margarita! Then I could finally stand her! Sorry, now I’M venting!

  23. Aussie mum of three says:

    I’d love to see you post more often. I will certainly buy your new book at Christmas.

    I have loved the interaction between bloggers on your ‘knife’ post. I got some hot tips on self defence as a consequence. I also found out that in Australia we are not allowed to carry knives…..

    I agree with Waiterrant Fan (comment 10) – come to Australia! You only tip if you want to!
    Melbourne is sensational for food, Sydney for sightseeing and Brisbane (and further North) for relaxation and great weather.

    So, thank you!

  24. The Social Worker says:

    What’s it going to evolve in to?

  25. leithold says:

    will always come to visit to check for new posts steve! always hoping =)

  26. The Social Worker says:

    I follow the Las Vegas Cabbie Chronicles, and once he decided to put a regular blog on his site, someone made a comment and called him all sorts of names for being too ordinary. I have a blog on the same site as the Cabbie about the viciousness of cyber bullies, they seem to be increasing and getting worse. Not just for kids anymore, now the adult ones have increased. What in hell is wrong with people? I love to follow blogs and ordinary people are ok with me.

  27. abby says:

    Just finished your first book (and finally got caught up on the archives of the blog!) can’t wait to read the 2nd!

  28. John says:

    Either no one else caught the Mark Twain quote reference in the title of this post, or everyone caught it and I’m the only fool to find it remarkable.

    “The report of my illness grew out of his (James Clemens) illness. The report of my death was an exaggeration.”
    -Sam Clemens

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