Dear Readers

Since the article in the NY Times I’ve been inundated with email and comments. I will answer all your emails and questions as soon as I can. I’m working a bunch of doubles at the Bistro so I don’t have time to respond quickly.

I appreciate all the warm words of encouragement and support! Most of your responses have been very complimentary. Of course, there were some comments like “you’re an asshat,” “a miserable human being,” “whiner,” “loser, and “entitled prick.”

“Asshat” is my favorite! Hey you writes the blog you takes the heat.

I appreciate the comments – even the negative ones. If you left an email address with your posting I will respond to you individually.

Just a quick note – I think 15% is the minimum for a tip – not 20%. No, if the waiter is a jerk you don’t have to tip heavy. Just try and remember he or she is a human being too. We all have bad days!

Sorry – in the US waiters are not paid a salary. We depend on tips. Maybe that situation will change one day. I doubt it.

Man did my posting on tipping strike a nerve! It’s obvious it’s a hot button topic that generates a lot of emotion – from waiters and customers. I look forward to reading more of your comments!

I have to run. More stories are coming.

Thanks again for all the kind words everybody! – Waiter

5 thoughts on “Dear Readers”

  1. Lish says:

    The years I spent working in a restaurant I got paid a tiny salary and tips, which helped. getting paid only tips seems a nightmare compared to that.
    hmm. I’ve been wondering – maybe you would know someone who would know… Tips for a delivery person. Where would that fall in? I never know, because here they are paid around 13/hr… I generally just keep at the 20% usual, but not sure what is ‘right.’ By the way, I dig your blog and your stories. And while you may be an ‘asshat’ in life, who knows – it certainly has no affect on the way you write.

  2. Bluu says:

    Again, well explained. If anybody assumes you’re a bad server and spit on you, like you aren’t entitled to rant, I’ll let them know that you, in fact, express the same mindset of all the REALLY good servers I knew at my restaurant job. Sounds like you’re establishment is a leap above mine but still.

    Also, asshat should be reserved for close-minded politicos. I apologize on behalf of all the people who make assumptions because they’ve never been in service.

  3. xxxx says:

    I am a new reader to this site and have to say your stories are very funny and some of them are even quite sad.

    I’m a ‘waitress’ in England, Birmingham and have to say I really didn’t know that in the US waiters don’t get a salary! In the UK tipping is not a neccessity as we get salaries, and people only tip if they recieve brilliant service…. Its only just hit me now why you rant about tipping… reminds me of my job in telesales when I ony got paid commission…

    Good luck waiter and keep up the brilliant work!

  4. la migra says:

    I live on the 3rd floor, so I always round up to the next dollar and add 3 bucks more if they got to my place really fast or if there’s a lot of items or if the bill comes to $XX.83 or such

  5. Emma says:

    when it comes to delivery (i delivered pizza for a year. it’s not a bad job, but it’s not great), anyone who is working delivering food has a serious sense of humor. especially if they work evening/night shifts. They’ve dealt with so many assholes, they’re pretty much beaten down and partially dead inside. If your unsure what to tip, you can ask what they make – they won’t mind. People always assumed that i was working maybe a 4-6 hour shift at minimum wage. False. I worked from 6pm until at least 4am for 5 an hour. delivery drivers are not uptight people. just ask.

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